My 2019 well-being round-up

2019 well-being round-up

Back in April, I took Living.Pretty.Happy (& hopefully all of you) on a more focused mission to help increase our sense of well-being.

It’s believed that an increased feeling of happiness & overall life satisfaction is achieved when all elements of our well-being are in balance. I talked more about these areas in Improving Well-Being: The Key to Being Happy?

This year we started focusing in on 9 of them, highlighting each in turn every month. Whilst we still have a few more to go, I felt with 2019 drawing to a close, a quick look back might help us to realise how far we have come.

Here is my 2019 well-being round-up…

April: Happiness

Audrey Hepburn Happiness Quote

I believe there couldn’t have been a more appropriate theme to start our well-being focus than Happiness.

We used this month to draw attention to different approaches such as positive thinking & exercise which help lay the groundwork for a happier outlook.  We also took the opportunity to highlight that happiness is an inside job!

Our main post for the month looked at gratitude and in particular, how being thankful can increase how happy we feel.

May: Self-Development

Ralph Waldo Emerson Self-Development Quote

Our next theme was self-development & personal growth. Increasing the feeling that you are developing, improving & advancing.

For me, this year has been massively about self-development.  I undertook a course of EMDR therapy, which I spoke about here and which helped me move forward greatly in my life.

We looked at potential areas that could hold us back such as, our age, fear & my personal favourite…procrastination.

I shared tips on how to build confidence in new situations and I spoke about a tool I use to push me in the right direction in: Are You Living the Life of Your Dreams?

June: Calmness

Leon Brown Calmness Quote

Ahhh & Breathe… calmness wasn’t just about how to feel calm & relaxed – although we did look at all the benefits of a spa day (& how to make the most of them) – it was also about achieving peace of mind.

We looked at the practice of mindfulness and also shared practical steps on overcoming feeling overwhelmed.  

In From Catastrophe to Calmness we looked at a  technique to help calm worrying thoughts; which also included a free downloadable worksheet – make sure you don’t miss out on yours! 

And I rounded off the month by sharing 5 products that help calm & maintain your inner-peace! 

July: Optimism

Harvey Mackay Optimism Quote as part of the Living.Pretty.Happy Well-being round-up

Optimism or glass half-full thinking was our focus for July.  As we explored how to be more positive, we were joined by Kate from All the Trinkets Blog who spoke about fostering a healthy positive mindset.

I encouraged you to give new experiences a try in Give it a Go!  And it was said I was perhaps being ‘optimistic’ as I shared with you how to do your makeup in only 5-minutes.

August: Involvement

Marie Colvin Involvement Quote

For involvement month we worked on building our sense of community & belonging.  Being involved not only strengthens our motivation but also improves our physical & mental health whilst helping us grow as a person.  

I shared some simple steps to help you become more involved.  I also talked about something I’ve had particularly positive experiences from… volunteering.  It’s quite cathartic to be involved in something that is bigger and more important than ourselves.  You can read more about it in: Feeling Good for Doing Good – How Volunteering Benefits Everyone.

September: Awareness

Ralph Ellison Quote on Self-Awareness as part of the Living.Pretty.Happy well-being round-up

Awareness was the first of 3 months looking inwards on ourselves. Self-awareness month encouraged us to become more in touch with how we feel.  To know ourselves in our entirety without judgement, just understanding.

Simone from 11 Years of Nappies Blog shared her thoughts & feelings surrounding the importance of being self-aware.  

We also looked at building simple and effective tools to help manage anxiety by creating a Wellness Toolbox.  Award-winning author, Alison Swift, joined us here to share her top tips for gaining awareness of the tools that will work best for you.   

October: Acceptance

Diane Von Furstenberg self-acceptance quote

Awareness moved through to self-acceptance.  The ability to accept ourselves for who we are, warts and all.  

We focused on self-compassion, acknowledged we’re only human and reaffirmed the importance of being true to who we really are.  

I shared advice on how to start accepting yourself more in The Path to Self-Acceptance.  And we were joined by Charlotte from Take a Paws Blog who spoke about food freedom – embracing a non-diet culture & promoting body positivity.

All this before I shared an experience I had facing a fear of mine and the big lesson this was for me in self-acceptance.  

November: Self-Worth

Buddha quote on self-worth

Self-worth!  My favourite of the focus months!  Why? Because this was where we got to celebrate ourselves – our individual, wonderful, fabulous selves!

Not to be confused with self-esteem, feelings of self-worth are completely within our control.  How empowering is that! 

We took a moment to remember to look after ourselves, be it through kindness or (the often neglected but no less important area of) sleep! 

We looked at how to build up your self-worth and I shared some practical tips on silencing the biggest bully of them all, your inner critic.  

Last but certainly not least, we learned how to practice self-care without feeling selfish.  Seriously, self-care is mandatory – I urge you to make sure you’ve read this! 

December: Connection

connection quote by albert schweitzer as part of our well-being round-up for 2019

Our final focus of 2019 was (still is actually) connection.  Feeling closer and connected to those we hold dearest.  

Being that time of year we’ve highlighted the importance of maintaining your well-being this Christmas – not only will this be of benefit to you, but to those around you too.  

And in my final post for this year I’ve shared 3 simple ways to feel closer this Christmas.  But to be honest, these tips will work well for building your bonds all year-round.  

We’ve come along way baby…

I hope you’ll see we’ve covered a lot of ground this year. If you missed anything, or you just want to give something another go, go right ahead and have a read!

As I’ve said multiple times this year, we are on a journey. Changes take time & practice. Have patience, hope & faith that you have all the power you need within you to make your life a happy one. Keep going, you’ve got this!

I can’t wait to continue working on our well-being together next year!

Thank you SO much for joining me this year and I wish you all the very best for 2020!

2019 well-being round-up. A look back on 2019 - a year of improving our well-being. Full of advice & tips to help improve your well-being. #wellbeing #2019lookback #livehappier #lifehacks
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I hope 2019 was kind to you? Or at the very least you’ve made it out the other side? What was your highlight of the year? What are you most looking forward to in 2020?

I’d also love your feedback on the Living.Pretty.Happy well-being focus months – do you find them helpful? What would you like to see more of? Anything you’d like me to include? Please do get in touch, I always love to hear from you.

4 thoughts on “My 2019 well-being round-up

  1. I enjoyed this round up post Alex and I think self worth is possibly my favourite focus month too. Reading through it you’ve reminded me that i need to focus more on my wellbeing (something I’m trying to do for the New Year) and to book a pamper break once in a while – or at the very least a facial or reflexology treatment!

    1. Thank you Lauretta – I’m really pleased this has helped as a prompt to remind you of the importance of your well-being. I love your idea of a pamper break etc. Please promise me you’ll commit to it this year, I know you’ll benefit so much xx

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