Maintaining the (inner) peace: 5 products to help calm & increase your well-being

Maintaining the (inner) peace: 5 products to help calm & increase your well-being. Image of a young red-haired woman leaning against the wall, eyes closed and smiling looking at peace.

You’re busy, I get that.

In the stack of demands that make up your life, your wellness & well-being often take a position at the back of the queue.  I get that too!

But that doesn’t make them any less critical or important.  Which is why more & more products are starting to address the well-being needs of time-stretched people, offering you easily accessible bite-sized moments of beneficial calm within each day. 

Sound good to you?

Here are 5 of my favourite products to help calm & increase your well-being daily:

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01. Moment Pebble

Maintaining the (inner) peace: 5 products to help calm & increase your well-being. Image of Moment Pebble on a next next to a laptop and notepads

Personally, one of my best methods for calming down is to bring myself back into the moment through the practice of mindfulness. 

However, it can be really easy to get caught up in the stress of the day.  Remembering to just take a moment to breathe, can be lost. 

Thankfully, I was recently introduced to the Moment Pebble,  a handy tool in the form of a cleverly designed illuminating smooth pebble.  Easy to use, it’s an ever-present, gentle reminder to seek out those highly beneficial moments of calm each day.   

Simply take the pebble out of your pocket or handbag and take 30 seconds to breathe and ground yourself.  During the 30 second period, the pebble will gently glow and provide you with a centre to focus on. 

I think this is brilliant for anyone looking to take more mindful moments.

Recently launched on Kickstarter, you can find out more & pre-order your pebble here


Maintaining the (inner) peace: 5 products to help calm & increase your well-being

I think most of us know the benefits of a spa day.  If you’re not quite sure you might find my previous article And relax… All the benefits of a spa day & how to make the most of them helpful. 

Not all of us have the funds or the time to get to the spa as regularly as we ideally need to.  I mean – let’s face it – a lot of us know the relaxation benefits of a bath but really only have time for a quick shower!

SHOBU has cleverly created a range of products that have made taking 8-10 minutes of self-care possible, all from the comfort of your own home without any additional demands on your time. 

Firstly, they’ve produced an ingenious bath bomb for the shower.  I absolutely love this!  It’s so simple to transform your daily shower into a spa-like experience.  A tablet is placed onto the floor of your shower cubicle which dissolves to release aromatherapy scents and increase your sense of well-being.  Whether you’re looking to breathe more easily, re-fresh after a long day at work – or like me, awaken your senses for a productive day ahead, there’s a shower tablet to meet your needs. 

And, to take the calming benefits even further, grab yourself an in-shower speaker, download the SHOBU meditations (read by Dr Tamara Russell) and really get the most out of your shower time!

Want to extend the me-time? SHOBU has recently launched A Treat for Hands & Feet specifically designed to help soften and soothe these overworked and underappreciated parts of our bodies.  Blended with 100% natural essential oils, fill a bowl or foot spa with warm water, drop in a tablet or 2, sit back and pamper yourself.  It’s that simple.

What did I think? Testing it by only soaking one hand, the difference in softness was very noticeable.  For maximum calmness, I recommend selecting the Nourish tin which contains chamomile to relax and calm.

Top Tip: Fill a bowl with warm water and place marbles on the bottom of it.  Roll your feet over the marbles to increase the therapeutic benefits by giving yourself a little marble foot massage. 

I was gifted the SHOBU products to try and this is my honest review of them.  If you’d like to experience SHOBU for yourself you can find out more here.  

03. OYL’E aromatherapy jewellery. 

OYL'E Aromatherapy Jewellery - Image of silver bracelet and essential oil
OYL’E Silver Bracelet & Essential Oil

Aromatherapy offers lots of positive psychological benefits.  Did you know… essential oils stimulate the olfactory system and help to alter our moods for the better?  Well, they do! 

OYL’E has produced beautiful jewellery along with high quality 100% pure and non-adulterated essential oil blends to deliver you all the therapeutic and uplifting benefits you need, right when you need them. 

Dispense a  few drops of any OYL’E OYL blend onto a small pure wool bead, place into the orb chamber of either the necklace or bracelet and then allow the vents on the pendant to slowly diffuse your chosen aroma discreetly throughout the day.  

OYL'E Aromatherapy Jewellery
OYL’E Rose Gold Bracelet

Their Hush Blend combines the uplifting properties of Bergamot, with the soothing woody aroma of Rosewood, grounding properties of Vetiver and comforting fragrance of Lavender to help you relax and unwind.  How’s that for calming?

I’ve written a full post about what makes OYL’E so wonderful, which you can read here: OYL’E Aromatherapy Jewellery:  beautifully harness the power of aromatherapy

If you would like to treat yourself to this stunning and very clever jewellery, you can here.*

04. Blooming Blends

Maintaining the (inner) peace: 5 Products to help calm & increase your well-being.  Image of Blooming Blends Mood Booster herbal tincture

I started using Blooming Blends herbal tinctures when I needed a little help to get me off to sleep and now I’m a fan.

Blooming Blends create easy to use, natural herbal tinctures which address your needs, helping you to simply and easily look after your well-being. 

The Mood Booster (soon to be re-named Brain Boost) tincture was created to help ease tension, reduce irritability and become a calming influence when you need it most.  Just place 1/2 a pipette directly under your tongue 3-times-a-day for maximum effect and to get you focusing on what really matters. 

The tinctures require little time or thought on your part, but work wonderfully to support you in strengthing your mind, body & soul!

You can find out more here.

05. Headspace App

I mentioned Mindfulness earlier and also here: Being Mindful – Is mindfulness for you?.  Mindfulness is something I’ve found beneficial in bringing calm into my life on a daily basis.  I started my practice by enrolling on a course, but since that ended, my family and I have massively benefited from the use of the Headspace App.

The great news is the basic package is free to access, as well as some explanatory videos to get you on your way.  I personally went on to pay for the full access package which unlocks everything for a whole year. 

There is so much on offer within the app, lots of courses addressing different needs such as anxiety or productivity.  There’s even a whole section devoted to sleep.  I love using their Sleepcasts if my mind is working overtime at night.  Plus there’s a section for children.  My kids find the wind-down meditations at bedtime helpful and from a parent’s perspective, they make mindfulness child-friendly & accessible.

I  find I’m using the app multiple times each day.  It’s helpful that session lengths can be adjusted to fit in with your lifestyle.  Ultimately, I believe it’s great that our phones – often the source of stress and anxiety – can be put to work to calm us for a change. 

You can find out more about the Headspace app here.

Further recommended reading: Catastrophe to calmness: A technique to calm your worrying thoughts

Maintaining the (inner) peace: 5 Products to help calm & increase your well-being. Help introduce some calm into your day, these products help you to relieve stress and raise your sense of well-being. Well-being products for time-stretched people. #selfcare #wellbeing #innerpeace #calmness
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Were you aware of or have you tried any of the products I’ve mentioned here?  What are your thoughts?  What do you do (or use) bring moments of calm into your day?  Would you find any of these products helpful?  Whatever you’d like to say or if you have any questions about anything I’ve mentioned, please do get in touch via the comment box below.  I’m happy to help and I always love to hear from you! 

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    1. You’re welcome! They’re all simple in nature, but offer a lot in return, so pleased you liked them. Thank you for reading! x

  1. Alex I love the idea of that pebble. Such a great little reminder. I have one of those large egg timers that I turn over if I feel stressed. It is a 3 minute timer and it gives me 3 minutes to think, so that I do not act in reaction to something. I love the aromatherapy jewellery too, such a good idea

    1. The egg timer idea is inspired Kerry, I really love that – giving yourself some breathing space before action that’s fantastic! x

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