Confessions of a control-freak – How to manage a fear of losing control

Confessions of a control-freak: How to manage a fear of losing control. Enthusiastic young friends riding amusement park ride

I would love to love rollercoasters.  Despite my numerous attempts (and if you would like some evidence, read: 48 hours in Abu Dhabi), we’ve just never clicked.  Why?   Those high-speed wagons of torture (too strong!?) expose me to one of  my greatest fears – my fear of losing control.  For me, rollercoasters are pitiless beasts who […]

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How to be more positive

Want to be more positive but are finding it challenging? Here are my super easy tips on how to be more positive…

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The power of positivity – How thinking positively changed my life.  

The Power of Positivity: How positive thinking changed my life. Image of man cutting IM from the word Impossible to make the word read possible

Years ago I was stuck in a rut.  My mindset was very negative.  Bad things happen to me.  Bad things happen to those I love.  There is nothing I can do to control my circumstances.  I am a victim.  I think I was suffering from what somebody had described as the ‘snowball effect’.  One bad […]

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How to beat post-holiday blues 

How to beat post-holiday blues

There is nothing quite like a holiday to raise your happiness levels.  New sights, sounds, experiences, memories.  A break from the everyday.  A chance to spend quality time with loved ones.  Time to relax, have fun and just leave it all behind for a while.  They say time flies whilst you’re having fun and before you […]

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Are you kind to yourself? The importance of kindness.

Are you kind to yourself? Kindness

Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. It can be shown to people you know or complete strangers.  So many ways to show kindness to others. But how often do we offer those behaviours to ourselves? 

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Being Mindful – Is mindfulness for you?

Being mindful - Is mindfulness for you?

Whenever somebody mentioned mindfulness meditation to me previously, I always imagined people sitting around barefoot and cross-legged sporting tie-dye clothing in a room full of dream catchers chanting ‘om’ and banging mini symbols together with the smell of burning sandalwood incense sticks penetrating the air.  Whilst perfectly acceptable – having never been in touch with […]

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Stopping Self-Sabotage – How to break the habit.

Stopping Self-Sabotage: a journey to break the habit

The plan had been to sit and write this article at 10am today.  It’s now 11.02am.  On my way to my office, I stopped to water the garden plants, do the washing up, put the washing away – all jobs that can wait.  None of them as important as my actual work, but all tools […]

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Being you: The importance of being true to yourself

Secret Identity: Being you

I recently watched the film ‘The Danish Girl’.  (Yes I know where have I been?)  For those who don’t know, it’s about the transgender pioneer, Lili Elbe.  It took nearly an entire lifetime for her to be true to who she really was.  Despite living in an era where you were liable to be certified […]

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Becoming a parent for the first time: Parent Job Description

Job Vacancy - Parent

I’ve been going through a few slightly stressful situations with one of my offspring recently.  These are all things that are beyond their control, but that I as a parent feel immense pressure to handle correctly.  It got me to thinking.  Parenthood – if thought of in terms of a ‘job’ – is a pretty […]

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5 Easy ways to instantly boost your mood anytime & anywhere

5 Easy ways to instantly boost your mood

Before we look at how to boost your mood, let’s quickly explore why it’s so important to boost your mood in the first place… Our moods often dictate the tone of our day.  They govern the types of interaction we have with other people and form our perception of everything.  Whilst acknowledging that we can’t […]

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From lost to found: How to find what you’re looking for

From lost to found

I have this great little sheer black camisole top that is an absolute staple in my wardrobe.  It goes with so many things and is a mandatory requirement in the make-up of a lot of my outfits.  A new day dawned and another opportunity arose to wear said camisole.  But it was nowhere to be […]

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Breaking the age barrier: Why you shouldn’t let your age hold you back

Breaking the age barrier

Do you feel your age is a barrier? Have you ever shelved a dream you held because you believe you’re just too old?  Do you harbour regret that the opportunity has passed you by because you didn’t grab it when you were younger? Well, here’s some news for you… whilst some things have a minimum […]

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Motivational Moments: releasing anger, re-balancing & re-framing

Motivational Moments: Releasing anger, re-balancing & re-framing. Image of white shabby chic photo frame displaying the post title. The frame is surrounded by lots of pink flowers

When thinking about an event, situation or person you’re not so happy with, you can start to feel annoyed, frustrated, wound-up or just down-right angry.  The more you dwell on it, the more angry you become.  You feel the emotions rising, the physical tensing, the black clouds descending.  Maybe even the need to let out […]

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Motivational Moments: Wo-man up

Motivational Momets: Wo-man up. Image of a white shabby chic photo frame displaying the post title. The frame is surrounded by pink flowers

I was fortunate to attend an exhibit at the Museum of London focusing on the Suffragette movement.  I was greatly moved by the self-sacrificing actions taken by these brave women so that I, as a woman, am afforded the same rights as men.  Immediately after feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards them, came a […]

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How to Overcome feeling overwhelmed (in 4 simple steps)

Overcome feeling overwhelmed

Every morning a close friend of mine and I exchange texts as to what we’re each getting up to that day.  Sometimes (or as she might say, often) my message to her can be quite long.  I’m a busy girl. In an average week, I need to juggle my family, work, the house, a fitness […]

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From foe to friend: overcoming conflict in relationships

From foe to friend: improving conflictive relationships

It’s probably not an inaccurate assumption that most people have at least one person in their life who they have a conflictive relationship with.  It may be a family member, ex-partner, neighbour, acquaintance or colleague.  Things between you can feel intolerable, the mere mention of their name can cause irritation or anxiety.  It seems that […]

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