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All of my #MondayMantras affirmations! This page is updated weekly.

Scroll through & discover hundreds of positive affirmations and mantras aimed to help shift your mindset, calm your mind, boost your mood and encourage you forward!

If you’re new to using affirmations and mantras, or maybe not quite sure why you should, this is a helpful post: How can affirmations help you (and how to make sure they do). And, if you’d like to record any of the affirmations and mantras you see here, I’ve created a free downloadable template to help you do just that. Access the template here

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For top tips on using affirmations, read: How can affirmations help you (& how to make sure they do) 

Access your FREE downloadable affirmations template here!

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New affirmations under the #MondayMantras are released each Monday on IG Stories at 7 am (GMT) – follow to kickstart your week in a more positive frame of mind! 

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