25 Inspirational quotes to uplift you

Inspirational quotes are brilliant! Especially when these pearls of wisdom speak to you at exactly the right time. I personally find them very powerful in helping to boost my mood & uplift me. There’s something comforting to know you’re not alone in your experience, that someone has been, survived & most likely thrived regardless. It provides hope, doesn’t it?

I’ve been sharing inspirational quotes from the very beginning of Living.Pretty.Happy – I hope to be known for a few of my own one day! Anyway, I usually share these on social media, but I wanted to pull them together here and give some of my favourite inspirational quotes a permanent home.

As a side note, I haven’t elaborated on any of them as I believe, meanings are personal and completely open to your own interpretation – that’s the beauty of them, isn’t it? I hope they inspire & uplift you, as much as they have me!

25 Inspirational quotes to uplift you

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25 Inspirational quotes to uplift you.  #positivequote #personalgrowth #inspirationalquotes


25 Inspirational quotes.  Click to discover quotes to help uplift you #inspirationalquotes #positivequotes #positivemindset

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Inspirational quotes to uplift and inspire you #positivequotes #happythoughts #gratitudequotes


Hope quotes.  Click to discover 25 quotes to inspire and encourage you #quotes #happythoughts


A beautiful quote about self-acceptance.  To discover 25 quotes aimed to inspire & uplift you, click the link!  #empowerment #selfacceptance #selflove


Self discovery & self expression quote by Morgan Harper Nichols #empowerment

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Inspirational quotes to uplift you #eleanorrooseveltquote #motivationalquotes

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Lewis Carroll quote on hope and optimism.  Click to discover 25 uplifting & inspirational quotes #inspirationalquotes #empowerment #selfbelief


Jen Sincero Quote.  Click to discover 25 inspirational & uplifting quotes #positivequotes #selfacceptance #inspirationalquotes


Uplifting quotes to inspire you and boost your mood #positivequotes #livehappy

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Ella Fitzgerald Inspirational quote

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Inspirational quotes to motivate and uplift you #positivequotes #inspirationalquotes #happythoughts


Mandy Hale Quote

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Motivational Quote


25 Inspirational quotes to uplift & motivate you #inspirationalquotes


Confucius quote


CS Lewis quote


Audrey Hepburn Inspiration Quote.  Click to discover more inspirational & uplifting quotes


Christopher Reeve Quote

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25 Inspirational quotes to uplift and encourage you blog post
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So what’s your favourite inspirational quote? Have I shared it here? I’d love to hear one that has inspired & lifted you! I’m always looking for inspiration. Whatever you’d like to say – or ask – please do! Leave a comment in the box below. I always love to hear from you!


12 thoughts on “25 Inspirational quotes to uplift you

  1. These quotes are brilliant Alex! Just reading them all together just now has made me feel so happy and positive!! I love the artwork that you have created for each one too xx

  2. Some fab quotes Alex – my faves are – no one can make you feel inferior without your consent and… if you want to discover new oceans you need to leave the shore!

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