Embracing makeup-free days

Embracing makeup-free days - Is it time to ditch the makeup?

If you had told me just a few short months ago I’d be writing about how I’m embracing makeup-free days well, you’d have been met with a lot of laughter (and possibly a few expletives) but blow me down with a feathered makeup brush, that’s exactly what I’m doing!  Let me tell you a little […]

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My 2019 well-being round-up

2019 well-being round-up

Back in April, I took Living.Pretty.Happy (& hopefully all of you) on a more focused mission to help increase our sense of well-being. It’s believed that an increased feeling of happiness & overall life satisfaction is achieved when all elements of our well-being are in balance. I talked more about these areas in Improving Well-Being: […]

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3 Simple ways to feel closer this Christmas

A Christmas Couple look happy & close together

It’s perfectly natural to want to feel closer to the people in our lives.  The strength of our connections is often highlighted to us more so at Christmas than at any other time of the year.   Therefore, Christmas is a great opportunity for us to do some very simple things in order to help build our […]

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My Happiest Finds of 2019

My Happiest Finds of 2019

Promotion ||  This post contains affiliate links marked with a *.  Find out more here.   I love discovering new things.  Especially when said ‘new things’ aren’t things you would necessarily stumble across on the high street.  Discovering products that make my life a bit easier, help me feel happier & maybe even indulge me just a smidge are […]

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December Well-Being Focus: Connection

This December we are focusing on Connection

Connection: [Well-being definition] Feeling close and connected to the people around you. Could there be a more fitting theme for the most festive month of the year? For the last 3-months we’ve really been looking inward, focusing on self-awareness, self-acceptance & most recently self-worth. Now it’s time to look to our loved ones, to our […]

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How to practice Self-Care without feeling selfish

A young woman sits taking time out for herself reading a book and drinking a glass of wine

Sometimes the hardest thing – especially for us women – is to take time for ourselves, to practice self-care. There have been countless times I’ve wanted to just sit & breathe.  But there is always something to do, someone to help, somewhere to be.  If I took 5-minutes for myself, my inner-critic would rear her ugly head to […]

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Discovering Christmas Spirit at Blenheim Palace

The Christmas at Blenheim Palace experience. Credit: Richard Houghton

Some years I connect with the spirit of Christmas very easily & very early on.  Other years, let’s just say, I maybe feel it around Boxing Day.  It’s fair to say I’m not so keen on those years and unfortunately, this year was set to be one of them.  That was until my family & I were kindly […]

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Silencing your Inner Critic

Silencing Your Inner Critic

Say 3 good things about yourself… I’m a good friend.  Are you?  Are you really though?  I have a list of your epic friend-fails to hand if you want it!  I’m hardworking.  Seriously? I’ve met sloths more hardworking than you!   I have a big heart.  What so it fits in your fat body?  That’s […]

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Recommended: Clinique Even Better Glow Foundation

Clinique Even Better Glow Foundation

Have you ever had a panic buy turn out to be a real diamond of a find? It’s funny how a product can go from ‘this will have to do‘ to ‘I don’t think I could do without’. But that’s what happened to me when I panic bought Clinique’s Even Better Glow Foundation. What you […]

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Writing to Uplift: A Guest Post by Rosey Lee

Today I’m joined by author Rosey Lee as she talks about why she writes to uplift & also discusses her new flash fiction series… I’ve always enjoyed that books offer an escape from the challenges and frustrations we experience in everyday life. I’ve spent hours engrossed in characters’ lives, and I feel comforted, energized, and […]

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November Well-Being Focus: Self-Worth

Our Well-Being Focus area for the month is Self-Worth

And now the end is near and so we face our final curtain ‘self’ focus (I worked out I could literally have the entire post as a parody of My Way – but I’ll spare you that).  We really have come to our final chapter in the trilogy of ‘self’.  We’ve explored self-awareness, self-acceptance and […]

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Facing a fear: a lesson in self-acceptance.

high trees & sunshine

This year I faced one of my biggest fears… heights. We were on a family holiday & had booked the kids on to one of those tree-top aerial adventures.  My husband had been due to complete this with them, but rather inconveniently for me (maybe not so much for him) he’d hurt his ankle beforehand […]

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5 ways to maintain your wellness this Autumn.

Happy girl riding a bicycle at the park in the Autumn

Ahh Autumn! Get ready to snuggle up in a chunky knit & reacquaint yourself with the heating dial. It’s the time of year where we often start to take our foot off the accelerator.  As the nights draw in, so do we.  And whilst it can be great to turn the dial to slow for […]

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Food freedom & self-acceptance: A guest post by Charlotte Smith MBPsS

Concept of sweet food as hot air balloon lifting up freely into the sky - indicating food freedom

Today I’m welcoming fellow blogger Charlotte Smith MBPsS to Living.Pretty.Happy to share her experience & thoughts on a new approach to diet and it’s impact on self-acceptance…   What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are your first thoughts positive or negative?  Do you compare yourself to those you see in magazines or on […]

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How to make exploring UK Towns & Villages fun for kids!

A cobbled street in Rye, Sussex UK

My husband & I like exploring pretty towns & villages across the UK.  We love a wander, a stop for something to eat and a little browse of (& of course spending in) their independent stores.  That’s a nice day out for us.    Now if we mention this plan to the kids, everything other […]

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Recommended: Skin Protector SPF30 Primer by ARK Skincare

ARK Skincare Skin Protector SPF30 Primer

There are two pieces of skincare advice I stand by… you should wear a broad spectrum** SPF everyday and makeup stays on better with primer.  Despite knowing & believing in these beauty rules I had yet to have any success in finding either a great SPF or makeup primer, and believe me I have tried […]

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October Well-being Focus: Self-Acceptance

This October we are focusing on self-acceptance

Crack out the pumpkins, it’s October – Time for a new well-being focus! Perhaps apt for what many agree is the spookiest month of the year, we’re focusing on an area of our well-being people often find the scariest. Having started the work to increase our self-awareness, we now need to take that understanding of ourselves, of […]

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