Recommended:  Multi-use Beauty Products

Recommended: Multi-use beauty products. Images of NARS The Multiple makeup stick in Orgasm shade, NUXE Huile Prodigieuse bottle and Dr PawPaw Multipurpose soothing balm all in a row against a white background

Multi-use Beauty Products offer a multitude of beauty benefits all in one convenient little package. Here are my top 5 recommended Multi-use beauty products.

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Moments: Being present – A challenge

Moments: Being present - A challenge

The latest article in the Moments series explores the benefit of being present in the moment and how we lose out when we are consumed by social media

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10 Free & Easy Activities to Keep the Kids Happy

10 Free & Easy Activities to keep the kids happy

I worked out recently, my average visit (with two children in tow) to the local soft play costs me on average £40 per visit.  Add this to the odd £10 activity here and there and before you know it, you’ve spent enough to bankroll a mini break! However, it is possible to keep the kids […]

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Paraben-free beauty: What are parabens & do you really need to be free of them?

Entering the Paraben-Free Zone: What are parabens & do you really need to be free of them?

Recently I’ve noticed the claim – Paraben-free – on more and more of the beauty products I’ve purchased.  Whilst knowing nothing about Parabens, I naturally assumed it must be a positive said product was free of them – congratulations shampoo, you’re free! Awesome job!  But this made me think.  Did this mean paraben containing products […]

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Recommended: Paraben-free skincare

Recommended: Paraben free skincare

Paraben-free – the proud badge beauty products have increasingly been spotted wearing.  Here are some of my favourite paraben-free products…

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Are you kind to yourself? The importance of kindness.

Are you kind to yourself? Kindness

Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. It can be shown to people you know or complete strangers.  So many ways to show kindness to others. But how often do we offer those behaviours to ourselves? 

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Living.Pretty.Happy in Copenhagen

Living.pretty.happy in Copenhagen

The most amazing concept I’ve ever been introduced to, I learned whilst in Copenhagen.  If you’ve not heard of it before, allow me to introduce you to Hygge. As an active partaker of finding happiness in each moment – I was more than happy to allow Copenhagen to work it’s Hygge magic on me.

Here are my top 5 Hygge inducing moments from our trip…

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Setting the Tone – why you need to use a toner

Setting the tone - Why you need to use toner

Cleanse, tone, moisturise.  The holy trinity of the skincare routine.  Whilst the benefits of the first and last steps pretty much explain themselves – many are often left questioning, what the heck is toning and why do I need to use a toner? Toners are ‘enriched’ liquids that take mere seconds to use after cleansing […]

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Being Mindful – Is mindfulness for you?

Being mindful - Is mindfulness for you?

Whenever somebody mentioned mindfulness meditation to me previously, I always imagined people sitting around barefoot and cross-legged sporting tie-dye clothing in a room full of dream catchers chanting ‘om’ and banging mini symbols together with the smell of burning sandalwood incense sticks penetrating the air.  Whilst perfectly acceptable – having never been in touch with […]

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