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Welcome to my well-being lifestyle blog.  

Living.Pretty.Happy features lifestyle-related content but from a perspective that keeps your well-being at its heart.  

In fact, my purpose (& therefore my blog’s mission) is to enlighten, encourage, aid & empower you to live your happiest life possible.  

I mean, we only get one of them, don’t we? 

Here’s a little bit about me…

I’m a well-being advocate & writer with 40-years of life under my belt.  In my spare time, I’m also a mum & wife… just kidding, what spare time?  

In all seriousness, I’m grateful for the life I get to lead with my wonderful family.  It wasn’t always this way.  I’ve racked up my fair share of dramas & traumas.  They really took their toll on me and at times I nearly hit the exit button. Thankfully, I managed to set my life on a different path.  

I can pinpoint exactly when it happened; when something began to shift in me.  It was Oprah (it’s always Oprah isn’t it?)  Through watching one particular episode of Oprah, I learned about positive mindset.  Not the type of positive mindset where you visualise winning the lottery and then it actually happens – although that would be nice.  Or the type of positivity that won’t acknowledge that some days are just crap – because they can be can’t they?  But more the mindset that we actually have a choice, that we can be optimistic, that we can cultivate a life we actually love.  All just by taking positive action and adjusting our mindset.  

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I’m from a corporate background and a few years ago I realised that what I was doing was making me miserable. There was a big disconnect – it wasn’t who I was meant to be and it certainly wasn’t what I was meant to be doing.  That’s when I entered my soul-searching phase (formerly referred to as my mid-thirties crisis).  I didn’t realise it at the time, but that was when I started to discover my purpose.    

And Living.Pretty.Happy was born…

Living.Pretty.Happy launched in 2018.  My blog was (still is) a platform for me to indulge my love of writing, whilst also providing a space to explore what I felt I had to offer.  Over time, it became apparent I was most connected to one area, in particular, an area that best represents my mindset & how I live my life – well-being.  

I truly believe that working on your well-being – making it a priority; learning about who you are and what you need; then taking positive action to meet those wants & needs is the answer to leading your most fulfilled life (Which, FYI, not only benefits yourself but also benefits those around you too.)

Believe me, it works.  And that’s why I share it with you.

A multi-award-nominated blog, Living.Pretty.Happy has been a shortlisted finalist in both the UK Blog Awards & Creative Impact Awards

What can I offer you? 

I am a student of well-being – constantly learning, trying, evolving.  Our little corner of the internet is a safe & welcoming space.  There’s no judgement here, just encouragement & the odd friendly motivational kick-up-the-butt when required.  

Every post published, in every category I cover – is well-researched and has to pass the Is this helpful? test.  If I don’t think it’s helpful, I won’t publish it.  That’s my commitment to you.  

My journey began by taking responsibility & ownership of my life, which I encourage you to do the same.  I appreciate that may sound scary (been there worn the apprehensive t-shirt) but, trust me, it’s also empowering – you are putting yourself in charge of making it happen!  

So let’s make it happen together!  

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