3 Self-Reflection Journal Prompts to Allow You to Move Forward

3 Self Reflection Journal Prompts to Help You Move Forward

Today marks my son’s return to school after nine and a half weeks at home with me. I’ve been waiting for this day. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve quite enjoyed having him at home – having both my kids at home, for that matter – but with his return, I kind of feel like I’m finally able to begin getting back to normality and move forward again.

For most of 2020, ‘normality’ (and I use that term loosely, as we’re still not fully there yet, are we?!) was something I longed for. But I’ll be honest, recently, returning to normality (and progressing all the plans the pandemic had made me put on hold) felt overwhelming. I’ve felt anxious and muddled.

I always find sharing experiences with friends very helpful. And through chatting with them, I’ve come to learn we were all harbouring similar feelings. We all felt a bit apprehensive and at a loss. Yes, we wanted to move forward, but there’s so much to process first.  How do you start to recover and grow after everything you’ve been through? 

So, how exactly do we ease ourselves back to normality and move forward?  

For times when I feel confused, overwhelmed, anxious or even stuck, I find journaling my thoughts helpful. And with September here, schools reopening, even more furloughed employees returning to work and rules relaxing, I cannot think of a more suitable time to process what has been, take stock of where we are and decide how we want to move forward.  

Because we can move forward. It’s a matter of taking a moment to adjust the focus on the lens to get a clearer picture of our wants and needs. I used the three journal prompts I’ll share with you in a moment to begin the process of unsticking myself, and I believe they could help you too.  

Spending some time answering the prompts can put you in a much stronger, clearer position and help with your decision making process.  

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Now, before we find out the prompts, I want to share some best practices for journaling. After all, you’ll want to get the most clarity possible from the exercise!

Journaling Tips:

You don’t need to write anything down

OK, I know writing is a key component of journalling, but sitting and thinking (or even creating a voice memo) without writing is fine too. Whichever means you use to uncover your best answers is the right way to complete this practice.

Make time for it

Set aside some uninterrupted time to go through each of the questions. You don’t have to answer them all in one sitting, especially if you find short bursts of time better. However, make sure your environment is suitable so that you only need to focus on your answers.  

Good to know: If you find setting time aside for yourself hard, set an intention as you sit down to journal. An intention is simply a statement of intent. So have a moment to remind yourself why it’s crucial to allow yourself to do this; what is the benefit? How will it help you and those around you to complete this exercise?

Don’t overthink it

Journalling is the process of allowing your thoughts to flow. Ask the question provided, see what instinctively comes to mind, and go from there.  

Be honest with yourself

Write down what you actually think rather than what you think you should think.  

Release all self-judgement 

Go on, let that unhelpful S*!T go.


I’ve often advised others to write down their answers and then walk away for a while; before coming back to reread what they wrote. Sometimes the space allows any brain fog to clear even further. However, sometimes the clarity is instantly there, and you won’t feel the need to go over it again.  

3 Self-Reflection Journal Prompts to Allow You to Move Forward

You have two options here: please feel free to download and print the Worksheet provided, or alternatively, copy out the questions into your journal. Entirely up to you!  


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3 Self Refection Journal Prompts to Allow You to Move Forward.  These Journal writing prompts will help build your confidence and give you clarity to pursue your wants & needs. Includes Free printable journaling sheet
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I hope you find the journal prompts helpful! How have you felt about going back to ‘normality’ recently? What has helped you? Have you tried journaling yet? Do you have any top journaling tips to add? Whatever you’d like to say – or ask – please do. Simply leave me a comment in the box below. I’m happy to help and I always love to hear from you!



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