Motivational Moments: Wo-man up

Motivational Momets: Wo-man up. Image of a white shabby chic photo frame displaying the post title. The frame is surrounded by pink flowers

I was fortunate to attend an exhibit at the Museum of London focusing on the Suffragette movement.  I was greatly moved by the self-sacrificing actions taken by these brave women so that I, as a woman, am afforded the same rights as men.  Immediately after feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards them, came a […]

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From foe to friend: overcoming conflict in relationships

From foe to friend: improving conflictive relationships

It’s probably not an inaccurate assumption that most people have at least one person in their life who they have a conflictive relationship with.  It may be a family member, ex-partner, neighbour, acquaintance or colleague.  Things between you can feel intolerable, the mere mention of their name can cause irritation or anxiety.  It seems that […]

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How to manage PMS & take back some control

Taking back some control over PMS

Let’s be honest, PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) is a b*tch!  Every month a little gremlin (the evil variety that has been exposed to water) invades your body and completely takes over – everything!  Well, that’s how it made me feel at least.  Sound familiar to you? Before we look at how to manage PMS… Were you […]

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Keeping Mum (Life after loss)

Keeping Mum (Letting love endure after loss)

The world as I knew it stopped the day my mum died.  We knew it was coming, she’d been given two years, but my heart imploded when I was informed in a hospital corridor that actually only 24-hours remained.  I would like to say it was a nice goodbye; it wasn’t. I couldn’t find the […]

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You are not going bald! (overcoming non-hereditary hair loss)

You are not going bald

Are you noticing that your hairbrush seems to contain more hair than usual?  Are you pulling larger quantities of hair from your shower plug-hole?  Is your ponytail diameter feeling thinner?  Are hairs falling very easily from your head whenever you touch them?  And is all of this making you feel panicked and worried that you […]

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Only human: Why it’s OK to have an off day

Only Human

Today has been a rubbish day.  Why you ask? No reason. Perhaps walking into the bathroom and stepping on an upturned plug along the way, set my day on it’s course.   Frustratingly enough, I can’t even claim pre-menstruality (if this isn’t a word already, it really should be).  I just noticed I was in […]

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How to feel happier on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day!  It’s all hearts and flowers and love and romance right?  What’s not to love about a day of love?  Quite a lot for some actually.  Maybe it draws attention to your current (or non-current for that matter) relationship status.  Maybe you feel your partner is sure to let you down on the romance […]

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Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Don't let fear hold you back. Image of female hands holding a red foam heart

Today I want to share with you a true-story about a friend who was placed in a hard situation and needed to make some brave decisions.  I hope by sharing her story (with her permission of course!) you’ll feel inspired to make some tough choices in order to live a life you love, by remembering […]

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A little bit Potty: Handling Parent Peer Pressure

Parent peer pressure! If you’re a parent (regardless of how old your child is) you’ve most probably been exposed to it.  The need to conform, to tow the line, to hit the milestones at exactly the right moment.  To breed and raise a mini-super-human that is equal if not better to any other child that […]

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New Beginnings: Living Pretty Happy

New Beginnings

I have lived a lot of my life ‘under the duvet’.  My little head poking out witnessing enough to be able to interact and function, but ultimately hidden away in a cosy, warm, safe environment avoiding change and sticking to what I know.   Sound familiar to you? When I did venture out, it might […]

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