And relax… All the benefits of a spa day & how to make the most of them

benefits of a spa day and spa tips. Image of Close up of half of female face. Serene young woman is lying at wellness center with relaxation.

Spas have been around for centuries! OK maybe not the type with the fluffy robes & flip flops but some version of them has existed – well I believe – for a fair few thousand years now.  

Given how quickly things come & go out of the public psyche nowadays, it’s surely a testament to how beneficial a spa is to our well-being that these wellness institutes have stood the test of time.  

Yes, the benefits of spending time at a spa have long been known, but in case you weren’t fully sure…

Here are the most important reasons why spas are so beneficial to our well-being:

Stress Management

Spas are a fantastic stress management tool.  Yes, one of the significant benefits of a spa day is the opportunity to relieve some stress! 

Spas offer relaxation and rejuvenation, plus the regular use of spas has been credited with improving our quality of sleep.  All important factors in maintaining and increasing your well-being.

Benefits of a spa day and spa tips. Image of a couple relaxing on loungers at spa.

Curative benefits

Studies have shown the use of spas can help to lower blood pressure & alleviate pain. 

Steam rooms can help to clear our skin, remove toxins & some even claim, improve our cardiovascular health. 

If you can stretch to it, book yourself a massage.  Massage has proven benefits such as calming the central nervous system and improving blood circulation to name but a few.

Time to switch off

You are encouraged to switch-off from your phone/tablet/laptop whilst using the facilities. 

Taking a spa day is perfect for when you just want to get away from it all for a short period and enjoy some uninterrupted quiet time.  I definitely cherished a spa day post-baby.

It’s so cathartic just to be for a while, no demands on your time.

It’s a great exercise in self-care

Nothing says I’m worth looking after quite like a pampering day at the spa.  

How to get the most out of your spa day

Image of Two young women are relaxing in spa and wellness center. Talking and drinking tea together.

So now you know the benefits of a spa day, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your time there:

Get a treatment

Granted this is where the money mounts up.  But if you can, book a treatment.  Adding a treatment is like adding another level of pampering to your experience.  Be sure to book it in advance to ensure you get the time and treatment you want.

Always check beforehand whether there will be any post-treatment rules.  For example, after a facial, I was informed not to use the spa facilities (other than the relaxation area) as it would not be good for my post-facial skin.  It wasn’t an issue for me as the facial took part towards the end of the day.  However, it wouldn’t have been so great if it had happened earlier.  So check and schedule appropriately. 

Spa tips.  Image of hot stone massage
Hot stone massage

One final point about treatments… If you’re going for any sort of relaxation treatment, such as a massage, try to spend 20 minutes or so beforehand relaxing and quieting your mind.  By doing this pre-treatment, you’ll already have done the groundwork to switch-off during treatment. 

Before I started doing this, I used to spend the first 20 minutes of a full-body massage overthinking.  Then the next 20 minutes actually relaxing.  Before spending the final 20 minutes wishing I hadn’t spent the first 20 minutes overthinking!  So learn from me and start to switch-off as early as you can.

Take two swimsuits and always ask for two towels

The key to a good spa day is getting a good balance between using the facilities on offer and spending time sitting (or laying) relaxing.  But nothing kills relaxation time like sitting in a wet swimsuit with a wet towel keeping you company. 

Use one towel to dry-off and the other to relax with.  Plus packing an additional swimsuit gives you the opportunity to switch into something nice and dry.  Very handy if don’t want your spa treatment conducted with you wearing paper pants! Or paper pants aside, it’s never nice putting on a wet costume after a relaxing treatment now is it?!

Take a tote

My husband laughed at me on our last visit to the spa when I left the changing room sporting a cotton tote bag.  But he soon stopped when he realised how helpful it is to carry all your stuff around the spa in!   

I pack my Kindle, magazine, lip balm and bottled water.  Everything I need to keep me happy. 

The tote can easily be hung on the hooks outside the sauna/steam room etc with your robe.  Simple. 

Stay hydrated

It’s really easy to become dehydrated at a spa.  Especially if you’re using the sauna/steam rooms and partaking in the odd glass of bubbles!  Often spas will provide free drinking water, so be sure to make use of this.  Alternatively, carry a bottle of water around with you.  Or, if you’re not a fan of water, pack a bottle of something you do like to keep hydrated throughout the day (I’m not encouraging alcohol here!)

Dates & times

Aim to visit spas on weekdays when they’re quieter (annual leave & childcare allowing).  That’s not to say you won’t reap the benefits of a spa at the weekend, you can – and will – but there will be more people milling around.  Sometimes, more people means more noise, fewer loungers and less switch-off.  So if you can, try to visit on quieter days.  You can always phone the spa for advice on when this is.

Finally, use the whole of the time available to you.  If you’re allowed access at 9am be there a bit earlier to potentially fill out forms, get changed and even take a tour of the spa. Nothing grates on me more than wasted spa-time spent filling out forms in reception.  Ask my spa buddies* if you don’t believe me! 

Side note: If it’s your first visit to the spa, do ask a member of staff to give you a short tour of the facilities, explain the etiquette and ultimately help you settle more quickly. 

And relax... All the benefits of a spa day and how to make the most of them. Image of woman relaxing in the whirlpool bathtub

How much???

Yes, spa days can be expensive, but they don’t have to be extortionate.  Here are some ways to keep the cost down:

  • Book a spa day package.  This will often include spa access, a small treatment (or 2) and maybe even food.  Check out the spa’s website for offers. 
  • Sign up to spa newsletters.  They’ll email you directly as deals arise. 
  • Remember you don’t have to book a treatment to have an enjoyable time at the spa.  Making use of the facilities and time spent relaxing is a treat in itself.
  • Look at discount sites such as Groupon and Wowcher who often offer discounted spa days. 
  • Use collected loyalty points such as Tesco Clubcard points in exchange for Spa vouchers. 
  • Include a spa day on your birthday, Christmas, whatever gift list! 
  • And don’t forget easily accessible plus more affordable spas are popping up in leisure centres across the country!  You can find out more about them (and my experience) in The rise of the Leisure Centre Spa

And relax…

Armed with the knowledge of all the many benefits of a spa day-  plus tips on how to make the most of them – I hope you’ll feel encouraged to find (or make) opportunity to relax & rejuvenate at one of the many spa facilities across the Country.

Whether you’re visiting a spa for a few hours, a day, a weekend or even a week (you lucky devil!) know that you’re doing something really positive towards your self-care and overall well-being.  

Happy spa-ing!

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And Relax... All the benefits of a spa day and how to make the most of them! What are the benefits of a spa day? Plus top tips on how to make sure you get the most out of your time there. #spa #wellbeing #spatips #selfcare
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*I really want to dedicate this to my favourite spa-partners Jo & Stacey who introduced me to all the benefits of a spa day when I needed it most (but didn’t realise it).  I would like to credit Jo in particular with the towel & tote tips, she’s taught me well.  

So do you enjoy a spa day?  Did you realise there are so many benefits to it?  Do you have any top tips to add?  Where is your favourite spa?  Or maybe you don’t like the idea of them?  Have you got any general spa questions you’d like to ask? Whatever you’d like to say, I’d love you to get in touch – just leave a comment in the box below! 

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19 thoughts on “And relax… All the benefits of a spa day & how to make the most of them

  1. Thanks for sharing these tips, particularly the one about taking some time to relax pre treatment (from a fellow overthinker!) The weekday tip is important too. I once went to a spa at a hotel on a Sunday and the hot tub was crammed with drunk wedding guests! Not relaxing….

    1. That would be my nightmare spa scenario! Hopefully your next experience will be far more relaxing! Thanks so much for reading x

  2. Great ideas Alex and I could really do with a bit of pampering from time to time – I like the idea of a short spa tour before you start the day – just to familiarise yourself with the surroundings and the rules. Also – I woulnd’t have thought about carrying a tote bag round with me – another great idea!

    1. Thanks Lauretta! I think we all could, you don’t often realise how much you need it until you’re actually taking that time out. My friend gave me that tote tip when I went to the spa with her and have done it ever since – so much easier! Hope you get to use one soon

    1. I’m so pleased you found it relaxing! A spa day is a great way to relax and is soothing for both the body and soul! I hope you get to try one soon. Thanks for reading! x

  3. My husband and I want to do something different for our date night, so I wanted some spa advice! I didn’t know spas could help lower your blood pressure and relieve pain. That’s something my husband and I need after a week with our kids and family, so I’ll keep at spa treatments that would suit my husband and me, thanks to this post!

  4. It’s good to know that spas can help lower blood pressure. My wife was wondering easy ways to help with her high blood pressure. I’ll let her know that she could try going to a spa for help.

  5. I like how you said that spa treatment is a great way to manage stress. My husband and I have been getting really overworked and stressed recently. Maybe doing something like a spa treatment can help us destress.

    1. Taking a bit of time out – doesn’t even need to be the whole day – is a fantastic way to help reduce stress. It’s especially great if you can go together. I highly recommend. Thanks for reading and I hope you get some time to de-stress soon x

  6. That’s good to know that going to a spa would be a good way to reduce stress. I would think that would be a good way to make sure that you could just relax and forget about your issues. I’ll have to consider going to try out a spa sometime and see if it helps me to relax.

  7. I have a day off of work coming up in a few weeks and I want to do something relaxing, so I am glad that I found this article. It is good to know that going to the spa would be a great way for me to relieve stress and unplug. I like that spas encourage you to put away electronic devices like your phone and really disconnect from the outside world so that you can focus on yourself.

  8. I liked that you pointed out that it might be smart to look for discounts for the spa. It does seem like a good thing to do if you want to go to the spa often. Also, it might be smart to look into getting a spa set as well.

  9. Message and facials both are the great services anybody can get in a Spa while getting relaxed is an added benefit. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

  10. I love the tip about bringing a second towel to the spa to relax in. My daughter and I are looking for ways to spend more time together and we both thought a spa day would be super fun. I would love to find a spa near us that can help us relax and let go.

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