June well-being focus: Calmness

It’s a new month and that can only mean one thing on Living.Pretty.Happy… Time for a new well-being focus.

For June we will be focusing on calmness. 

Not only feeling calm & relaxed but also by working on our peace of mind.

That ability to find peace within yourself despite your world making noises around you is like a secret escape.

There are plenty of tools and approaches to help instil more calmness into our daily lives and I plan to share them with you this month.  One, in particular, has been a massive game changer for me and I hope it’s a technique you’ll find invaluable too.

We’ll have plenty of additional calmness focused content going out on all Living.Pretty.Happy social media channels.  I’d love to connect with you on all of them – come and say hello!

To envoke some feelings of calm here and now, let’s look at the featured posts for June…

Being Mindful – Is mindfulness for you?

Being mindful: Is mindfulness for you? Pinterest graphic displaying post title on a background image of a young woman's head and face wearing glasses and looking upwards as animated drawings of squiggly lines, question marks and rocket ships surround her head. Livingprettyhappy.com
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Motivational Moments: releasing anger, re-balancing & re-framing

Motivatonal Moments: Releasing anger, re-balancing & re-framing. Pinterest graphic displaying post title and the quote: It's important to feel through these moments of anger, to allow yourself - in a safe environment - to release and not hold it in. livingprettyhappy.com
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How to Overcome feeling overwhelmed (in 4 simple steps)

How to overcome feeling overwhelmed. Pinterest graphic displaying post title on a background image of a pink to do list pad, little notes, pink pencil, paperclips and a pink mug containing coffee. livingprettyhappy.com well-being
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Plus to get you in the mood for some relaxation, how about…

The rise of the Leisure Centre Spa

The Rise of the leisure centre day spa (Verulamium Spa, St Albans). Pinterest Graphic featuring post title on a background image of a woman and a man lying on 2 spa treatment tables receiving a scalp massage from 2 therapists. Well-being. Livingprettyhappy.com
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Get involved!

I’d love to know what you do in your daily life to help calm yourself.  Is it relaxation time? Meditation? Breathing exercises? Journalling?  Finding time each day to just be quiet?

Could you do with more moments of calm?

Do you have any tips, techniques or tools (including Apps) that you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear them!

If you’re a blogger and have a post relating to calmness let me know – I’d love to share it with the Living.Pretty.Happy community.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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6 thoughts on “June well-being focus: Calmness

  1. Ahhh I love the word calmness. Even that makes me feel calm! I am a huge advocate of meditation and without fail, meditate every day. Ideally twice a day. I have practised meditation for about 15/16 years now and it keeps me grounded and calm. In periods of stress, I up my meditation to up to an hour each session, but my usual is around 20/30 minutes morning and evening. I look forward to reading what June posts you share xx

    1. Me too! That is pure commitment Kerry, I hope to be as disciplined as you about it one day. But can definitely see how this is one of the best ways to achieve inner peace. Thanks so much for sharing x

  2. This is great Alex – I’ve actually been taking mindfulness sessions – I’m on number 4 of 6 and I’m finding them really calming and useful. I like to think that they are ‘me time’ when all I need to think about is myself – and when do us women ever do that? But it’s so important! I’ve also been listening to the Head Space app with Andy as it’s short and sharp yet he gets me in the right frame of mind in the morning! x

    1. Andy has the best voice doesn’t he! So pleased you’ve got into mindfulness Lauretta – I started with 6 sessions too and then keep up with a monthly drop in session and daily use of Headspace. You’re completely right, it is so important to find that ‘me time’. Thanks so much for reading x

  3. Enjoyed looking at these strategies, Alex. Really useful in our busy, information overloaded world.

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