May well-being focus: Self-development

May Well-being Focus: Self-Development

Hello, welcome to May & the second of our well-being focus months. 

This month the focus will be on you! And more specifically the development of you. 

Self-development is all about feeling you’re improving, developing & advancing.  It’s about letting go of negative beliefs about yourself and driving yourself forward. 

I’ve personally been on a huge journey of self-development and plan to share a lot about this with you this month.  First and foremost in the hope to encourage you to do the same, but also to demonstrate that although developing yourself can be scary and hard at times, it’s ultimately very worth it.

I aim to introduce you to tools and services to help you on your path and be here to cheer you along the way.

Plus we’ll even make time for a giveaway to help further spark the self-development fire within your belly!  

As we did last month, they’ll be plenty of additional self-development focused content going out on all Living.Pretty.Happy social media channels – so don’t be shy, I would love to connect on every single one of them with you! 

To help get the motivational juices flowing to start pushing forward, here are the featured posts for May:

Breaking the age barrier: Why you shouldn’t let your age hold you back

Breaking the age barrier: Why you shouldn't let your age hold you back. Pinterest graphic displaying post title on a background of an older woman smiling, wearing sunglasses and making the rock and roll sign with her hands.

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Don't let fear hold you back. Pinterest graphic displaying post title on a background image of a woman's hands holding a foam red heart over a wooden table. well-being.

Stopping Self-Sabotage – How to break the habit.

Stopping Self-sabotage: How to break the habit. Pinterest graphic displaying post title and an image of a pencil, notebook with the words 2018 goals on it, a cacti and a white mug of coffee.

Motivational Moments: Winning the internal fight

Motivational Moments: Winning the Internal fight. Pinterest graphic displaying the post title. Well-being


Time to get involved!  

I would love to know if you’ve done anything already to help develop yourself this year?  What are your self-development goals?  Any advice, words of wisdom or top tips to share?  I’d love to share as many of your responses as possible!  If you have a Twitter, Instagram or Facebook handle, let me know and I’ll give you a shout-out! Please do get in touch – I really want to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “May well-being focus: Self-development

  1. Great post Alex and I think it’s really important for people to continue to develop themselves – for me this is all about clean living (as best as I can anyway!) I’m still learning though and I’m open to suggestions!

    1. Thank you Lauretta – yes everyday is a school day, there are lots of opportunities out there to discover x

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