Here comes the sun:  the easy way to get yourself summer ready

Here comes the sun: the easy ways to get yourself summer ready

This is not a how to get your body ready for summer post… Your body is summer ready!   This is more of a beauty housekeeping post.  Sharing some of my top tips to get yourself pretty effortlessly and easily into summer mode.

Taking on some of these tips will help you avoid the ‘my feet aren’t ready for sandals’ panic and will also have you braving the shorts with a ‘leg hair what leg hair?’ attitude.

Here are my top ways to easily get yourself summer ready…

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Start building the bronze

We’re not always blessed with weather to bronze by (and for the record I don’t advocate exposing your skin dangerously to the sun, all in the name of a tan) so self-tan can become your best friend. 

Here comes the sun: the easy ways to get yourself summer ready. Image of Garnier Body Summer Body
I’m currently using Garnier Body Summer Body

As summer approaches, I recommend simply switching your normal body moisturiser for a moisturiser with a hint of self-tan, such as Garnier Body Summer Body*.

Good to know: Before you apply any self-tan be sure to exfoliate (more on that in a moment) and apply a regular moisturiser to harder skin areas such as knees and elbows first.

For more top tanning tips read: 5 Steps to a (well kept secret) self-tan and I also recommended my favourite products here

Get your skin glowing

Here comes the sun: the easy ways to get yourself summer ready
Time to get your scrub-on & get glowing!

If you’re not already, it’s time to start adding in a full-body exfoliation at least once a week.  Not only will this prepare your skin nicely for any self-tan that follows, but it will also help to get rid of any back acne, eradicate any ingrowing hairs and improve the appearance of cellulite.  It’s as easy as switching your regular body wash for a body scrub. 

To find out more about the benefits of exfoliation read: For the scrub of it: why should you exfoliate and how to do it right! 

Fuss-free fuzz-fighting

If you like to keep things very natural in the winter months but suddenly find you have a forest to clear in the summer, it’s time to re-build your de-fuzzing habits so you can jump into a swimsuit at a moment’s notice.

Here comes the sun: the easy way to get yourself summer ready. Image of Friction Free Shaving Razor, blades, scrub, shave cream and balm
Contents of my Friction Free Shaving Gift Pack

I recommend Friction Free Shaving*, a monthly razor subscription service as a convenient, effective, high-quality shave experience.  On signing up you’ll receive a free handle in either rose gold or silver, plus 4 blades.  From that point, you’ll receive a pack of 4, 6-layer, diamond-coated steel blades with a lubricating vitamin E strip every month through your letterbox. 

Here comes the sun:  the easy ways to get yourself summer ready.  Image of Friction Free Shaving Razor handle with the name Alex engraved on it
My Friction Free Shaving razor engraved with my name

They kindly gifted me a gift-pack to trial and I have to say, I’m really happy with it.  It’s much better than the leading high-street alternative and in my opinion at £9 per pack is much better value for money, considering the quality & convenience. 

Exclusive offer!

Living.Pretty.Happy readers can take advantage with 25% off your first order with FFS with the exclusive code LIVINGPRETTYHAPPY (this code doesn’t apply to gift sets) Find out more here*

Sandal worthy feet

Your feet have been in hibernation for winter (unless you’re really brave) and most likely neglected. 

Pop a pumice stone, such as The Body Shop’s No More Rough Stuff Smoother* into your shower cubicle and start running it over any rough skin areas a few times a week.  It doesn’t take more than a few minutes but really helps to smooth your feet. 

For an indulgent foot treat, I love to smoother on Champney’s Foot Butter and then wear cotton socks.  The peppermint is very refreshing and the butter is very moisturising.  The socks help to intensify the treatment – plus stop me slipping on the bathroom floor!

Nail detox

Here comes the sun:  the easy ways to get yourself summer ready.  Image of hand displaying pretty bright nail colours for summer
My favourite pretty bright nail colours for summer

Our nails can suffer from being hidden away under lashings of darker shade nail polishes.  Now is the perfect time to either give them a breather or start to gradually lighten the shades.  As you may be aware, darker shades, especially if applied without a base coat can yellow the nails.  Try using a nail brightening formulation such as Leighton Denny’s Nail Illuminator 2-in-1 Recovery Treatment Nail Polish* to help brighten dull and discoloured nails. 


OK not really beauty related, but being truly summer-ready means also having access to the right underwear.  This is the perfect time to check the underwear drawer for summer-essentials.  I’m talking strapless bras, those little gadgets that help to turn your bras backless, neutral colours and seamless pants to avoid the inevitable panty lines.  It’s also as good excuse as any to have your bra size checked. 

Update the shopping list

Here comes the sun: the easy ways to get yourself summer ready

As we head towards summer, make a mental note to start replacing winter products as they run out with more summer-friendly ones, such as lighter moisturisers and hair care products with UV protection.  If your skin colour will be darker over the summer months, adjust your foundation shade accordingly.  And most importantly don’t forget to stock up on the sunscreen!  

Finally, get organised…

Schedule the waxing, tanning, mani/pedi appointments in advance now.  It only takes a few minutes to schedule the appointments, but being proactive on this front is far better than reactive.  This is especially true if your beautician is very popular and you want to guarantee your treatments inline with holiday dates.  It all adds to the summer excitement, doesn’t it?!

Here comes the sun: the easy ways to get yourself summer ready. Image of a sausage dog on a pink blanket
Fussing over my beautician’s dog Coco is always an added bonus whenever I visit her salon.

Summer-ready, steady, go!

I hope you’ll see how these little actions can be barely noticeable in terms of effort or time commitment, but the results of which will be greatly felt by the time the sun finally decides to make an appearance. 

However, most importantly – whether you choose to adopt these tips or not – enjoy your summer, have some wonderful moments!  Try not to get too caught up on how you appear and concentrate more on your experiences.

Ready to reduce even more stress from your beauty routine?  Browse the Living.Pretty.Happy Beauty section for further tips, recommendations & advice!

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I hope you’ve found these tips, advice & recommendations helpful for preparing yourself for summer in a stress-free way!  What do you do to get yourself summer ready?  Any other great tips to share?  Whatever you’d like to say or ask, please do get in touch via the comment box below.  I’m happy to help and I always love to hear from you! 

*This article contains affiliate links.  Find out more here.

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5 thoughts on “Here comes the sun:  the easy way to get yourself summer ready

  1. Ohhh Summer Summer where are you! I must admit, I have started moisturising my body more, something I am ashamed to admit I neglect a little in the winter. I also tend to use an instant tan a lot more, whacking it on my legs if I decide at the last minute to wear a dress. I never seem to be organised with fake tanning prior to an event! A monthly shaving subscription seems like a great idea.

    1. Yes I’m searching for it too Kerry but can’t seem to find it! lol. I was the same with the tan but switching to the moisturiser with tan in it has meant that I only need to apply a little more should something unexpected crop up, I’ve built it in as a real habit now. The shaving is really good, I’m shocked at the difference in quality of the blades. My husband has been doing the male version for a couple of years now. It just seems to make it feel like much less of a chore. Thanks for reading xx

  2. Some lovely summer tips Alex and I’m definitely in agreement at getting a bronzed body and sorting out the feet – I don’t think I’ve had a pedicure for goodness knows how many months!

    1. You should definitely treat yourself to one – hopefully it will encourage some good weather! Thank you for reading x

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