April Well-being Focus: Happiness

Happy April everyone! 

And no I’m not attempting to April Fool’s anyone, April really is going to be all about Happiness (well on Living.Pretty.Happy at least that is!)

Every month, we’ll be focusing on one of the 14 identified areas that are often attributed as an important element of our well-being.  When each of these elements is present at a level we are satisfied with, the happier we feel within our everyday lives.

So let’s get focused on feeling happier each month!  And what better well-being area to start with than the ultimate life-satisfaction goal itself… Happiness!

What can you expect from Living.Pretty.Happy this April? 

As well as new content based on this month’s theme, we’ll also turn the spotlight onto happiness boosting posts you may have missed or may just need a refresh on.

They’ll also be lots of additional happiness focused content going out on all Living.Pretty.Happy social media channels.  Expect inspirational quotes, affirmations, happy news stories – anything to attempt to put a smile on your face.  Don’t miss out – make sure you’re following!

To get you started here are the featured posts for April…

Improving well-being: the key to being happy?

April Well-Being Focus: Happiness. The key to being happy? Improving well-being #improvingwellbeing #wellbeing #happiness

The power of positivity – How thinking positively changed my life.  

The power of positivity: How thinking positively changed my life. Pinterest graphic displaying post title on a background image os a pair of hands. One hand holding a piece of paper with the word impossible written on it and the other hand holding a pair of scissors making a cut in the paper between the Im and possible. There are notebooks and a mug and saucer in the background. Livingprettyhappy.com
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How to be more positive

How to be more positive. Pinterest graphic displaying post graphic on a background image of a young woman smiling and holding her hands out whilst round large confetti falls around her. Livingprettyhappy.com

5 Ways exercise makes you happy

5 Ways exercise makes you happy. 5 ways that any form of exercise can help to increase your sense of well-being, wellness & happiness levels. For any fitness level or ability. Why you should exercise to improve your mental and physical health

Time to get involved!  

I would love to know what makes you happy! How do you turn your frown upside down? (yes, I really went there!)  What advice would you give to someone looking to feel happier?  I’d love to share as many of your responses as possible!  If you have a Twitter, Instagram or Facebook handle, let me know and I’ll give you a shout-out! Please do get in touch – I really want to hear from you!

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