December Well-Being Focus: Connection

This December we are focusing on Connection

Connection: [Well-being definition] Feeling close and connected to the people around you.

Could there be a more fitting theme for the most festive month of the year?

For the last 3-months we’ve really been looking inward, focusing on self-awareness, self-acceptance & most recently self-worth. Now it’s time to look to our loved ones, to our families & friends – to our network.

To me, there are 3 types of relationships: the good, the bad and the room for improvement.

We need to focus on fostering & cherishing the good ones. We need to process, and let-go of the bad, and we should invest time in nurturing the ones that could become something great.  

Why? Because we flourish when we feel loved & connected…

It’s the fulfilment of one of our most basic human needs.  

And it’s so worth the time, the effort & often the vulnerability of really making ourselves open to a person when the potential result is a connection that fills our lives with joy & many treasured moments.  

What an opportune time of year to show our loved ones how much they mean to us. To open ourselves to building better connections with those that aren’t quite there yet, and to wish those we’ve let go (or who’ve maybe let us go) all the best in their lives ahead.

This December…

I hope you’ll join me as we work on strengthening our connections with those around us.

We’ll also take a look back over 2019 and see how far we’ve come on our well-being journey.

Plus I’ve got an extra special giveaway for you this month, well it is Christmas after all!

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Time to get involved! 

Who do you love spending this time of year with the most? Are there any relationships you’ve worked on improving this year – how did it go? Do you find you focus too much on the not-so-great relationships in your life? What helps you to feel loved and connected? Do you feel it’s harder to foster meaningful connections in this day and age? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences

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Wishing you the happiest December!

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6 thoughts on “December Well-Being Focus: Connection

  1. Hello Alex. I feel I’m learning the lesson that’s it’s fine if some people don’t appear to like me very much, and that now I can let go of this. I previously struggled and was critical of myself when these situations arose. I’m learning to put time and investment into relationships which are fulfilling and where people are open minded, and we are more than happy to spend time with each other. Thanks for this timely reminder of how important relationships are in our lives.

    1. You’re completely right – this is where our focus should be. It’s human nature to want to be liked & accepted, but the fact is not everyone will like us, much in the same way, we won’t like everyone we meet either. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this & I hope you’ll be spending Christmas with those who love you very much this year xx

  2. My family, first and foremost are my relationship priority. My husband is my best friend, my boys are my life blood. I am also grateful to have beautiful relationships with my parents, and life long friends from childhood. I am fiercely protective of my core group of friends, so rarely show them on social media, but I cherish and adore them. I am very choosy who I give my time and love to. I have had relationships in the past with people who make friends with people that they feel can be of use to them in their own goals. I am a little more cautious because of that. Unfortunately, this has left me with a slight distrust of making new close friends, so will be something I look to work on in 2020.

    1. That’s a lovely lot of love in your life Kerry! I’m sorry to hear that’s been your experience, I can understand why that makes you cautious. I’ve not experienced that myself (to my knowledge), but that’s more because I don’t have much to offer other than me LOL but I think you have to trust your instincts & you come across as very astute to me xx

  3. Yes – family is everything. I tell my kids this all the time and they just roll their eyes, but one day they will realise that their mother was right all along! I especially like family time when the kids are not at each other’s throats and we’re playing a family game and enjoying it. Just appreciating the little things in life – small moments of time that I’ll treasure is so important.

    ps I really liked your reference to the ‘Is anybody listening post?’ – and active listening skills. It’s something that I definitely need work on as my attention span is practically non-existent – and I’m also very forgetful for some reason.

    1. Yes, those little happy moments where everyone is getting along & contented in the moment – they’re fantastic & I’m so grateful for each one I get to experience. And yes, active-listening, such an under developled skill but a brilliantly simple thing to do to strengthen our bonds. Thanks for sharing Lauretta! xx

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