The path to Self-Acceptance: how to start accepting yourself more.

Self-acceptance starts with being content with who you are.

What if I offered you more freedom, more independence, more kindness, less fear of failure, improved mental health, a more positive mindset and an increased sense of self-worth?    Would you take it?

What if I said, all of this is available to you but the path to this involves self-acceptance?  Self-acceptance of the kind where you embrace everything about yourself, all your good bits and your not-so-good bits and be ok with it allWould you be able to do it?  

I think you could.  

I have been a yo-yo on the self-acceptance spectrum for years.  Brought up by a parent who was so supportive & praising of me, it wouldn’t have been a stretch for me to believe I was born wearing a golden halo.  Fast forward to adulthood, when life exposed me to the reality of my flaws, and people who weren’t so nice to me, I became overly critical of myself.   

For me, there was no bigger bully than my inner one.  As a result I put myself on a path of attempted perfectionism that was no more sustainable than it was achievable.  There had to be a better option.

There was, it was self-acceptance.  

My path to accepting myself has been a bit of a yo yo to say the least!
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It’s not the easiest path to navigate.  It can seem to go against what we’ve been brought up to understand.  Faults are a bad thing.  We should work-harder to be better.  Saying something good about yourself is bragging.  Conform.  None of this encourages us to get comfortable in our own skins.  But what a difference it would make if we were.

If what you’re doing right now isn’t working for you, then it’s time to do things differently.  It’s time to change the way we look at ourselves.  Time to stop the judgement and like ourselves more.  

Here are a few things you can do right now to start accepting yourself more.  

 – Become aware – 

Self acceptance starts with self awareness.  You can’t start to accept everything about you, unless you’re aware of everything about you.  It can be difficult to assign the negative points to ourselves, we might not want to admit an imperfection.  But it’s OK, we all have them, you’re not alone – they’re just part of what makes us human.  

Equally, if you’re ultra self-critical, it can be challenging to work out the good things.  If it helps, back it up with an example.  So you could say, I’m generous because I always give to those around me.  You could also ask someone you trust.  What do you think my good points are?  

Who are you?  A question to ask in relation to self-awareness a pre-requisite for self-acceptance & ultimately self-worth
It’s a very good question…

Ultimately though, it’s understanding that when it comes to you as an individual, nothing is black & white.  This isn’t a labelling exercise, or a shame-game, more of a self-exploration opportunity. 

When you’ve identified something that perhaps you’re struggling to get to a place of acceptance on, such as I am sensitive – try adding the words and that’s OK! It takes a lot of power out of the statement whilst adding reassurance. Also avoid adding judgemental words, such as I am too sensitive. Try and keep it as neutral as possible

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– Letting go & forgiveness – 

Self-acceptance is about the here and now.  It’s not about yesterday and it’s not about tomorrow.  It’s about accepting yourself as you are right now in this moment.  Which is a lot simpler when you’re not carrying bags of guilt around with you.  

We all make mistakes.  Quite often we don’t realise the mistake until hindsight comes into play.  Here is an affirmation I find helpful when dealing with guilt over past events…

An affirmation for self forgiveness. A pivotal step in accepting yourself
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If you feel that you would like to take steps to apologise or rectify, then do.  The most important thing is you learn to forgive yourself.

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– Kindness – 

I’ve previously spoken about the importance of being kind to yourself.    Quite often we’re very kind to others but really struggle to extend it to yourselves.  If we want to fully accept ourselves, we have to flex our kindness muscles.  

These are the 3 simplest steps to being kinder:

01. As soon as you become aware of the self-criticism think STOP (say it aloud if possible)

02. Apologise to yourself – isn’t that what you would do if you were mean to someone else?

03. Replace the negative self-talk with something nice.  One kind statement will do, but feel free to keep going.  

Simple right? However, if your inner-bully is the biggest b*tch on the playground – pretty much as mine was – paying yourself a compliment will prove near impossible.  

Start to act with love & kindness towards yourself.  Image of young woman sitting on a bed, smiling & making a heart sign with her hands

Thankfully I learned a technique during my EMDR therapy sessions that helped tremendously…

You’ll need to attempt this when you have some quiet time, at least a good 10 minutes of uninterrupted peace for yourself.  

Sit with your eyes closed and visualise a ‘being’.  This being can be anything that you are able to assign love and warmth to.  For me it was a fairy godmother – give them a name if it helps.  

Visualise their size, shape, appearance.  The visualisation of them should make you feel comforted in their presence.  

Know this being will never let you down, will always have your best interests at heart, loves you for you, just as you are.  This being is a part of you and will be with you forever.  

Then visualise where this being appears to you, for example mine always appears just hovering above my shoulder.  Does your being hug you?  Hold your hand?   Or – like mine  just stands supportively near you.    

From that point on – in the times you need them – call your being.  Imagine your being speaking kindly to you.  What are they saying to soothe and support you? 

Good to know: It’s important to not select someone you know (however good they are to you) as your being.  If something happened in your relationship with the actual person, it would dissolve your trust in the being.  It’s also an idea to not give it the name of someone you know either – make this being completely unique to you.  

But if I start accepting myself for who I am right now, will it limit my potential?


It’s absolutely possible to love & accept yourself whilst still be committed to personal growth.  One doesn’t cancel the other out.  If anything, accepting yourself propels you forward, safe in the knowledge you’re growing with a lot more freedom and authenticity – how’s that for a happier you?   

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I hope you find these tips helpful as you begin to start accepting yourself more. Do you actively do any of these already? Do you disagree with me & instead believe that self-acceptance is an exercise in mundaneness? Whatever you’d like to say – or ask! just get in touch via the comment box below, I’m happy to help & I always love to hear from you!


22 thoughts on “The path to Self-Acceptance: how to start accepting yourself more.

  1. This was so interesting to read. I’ve always been aware of self-acceptance as a concept but never really taken the time to look at it in this much detail – I’ve always been too busy with food acceptance etc. I’m so glad I’ve read this post and I especially liked the point about apologising to yourself. I’d like to believe that if we got into the habit of apologising more, we’d find it easier to do so and build bridges with others too. Also love the mug! Great post, Alex! x

    1. Thank you, I’m pleased you found it interesting. And yes when we can accept ourselves more, build the skills needed, we’re then much more adept at applying them to those around us too. Thanks for sharing Charlotte! Ps. The mug is still available in Oliver Bonas I believe, if you wanted your own x

  2. What an insightful post! Self-acceptance can be seen as a passive concept so reading that we can actively take steps to begin the process ourselves has opened my eyes. I touched on it in my CBT sessions which is the type of therapy that has personally benefitted me and my day-to-day. I particularly liked the part in this post when you talk about apologising to yourself. It’s so true that we would jump to apologise to others but it isn’t something we instinctively practise towards ourselves. Really enjoyed the read!

    1. I’m really pleased you’ve enjoyed it & also that you’ve found benefit from CBT – I’ve heard good things about it as a therapy. And yes, when I personally think about how I used to ‘talk’ to myself, if I had spoken to another like that, with no apology, I doubt they would have stuck around with me! But why are our own feelings any less valuable than those of others – so I apologise now! Hope it’s a little tip that you find useful going forward, thanks for reading and commenting xx

  3. It can be so hard to love ourselves when we’re super critical, so I agree that it is so important to understand who we are and to forgive ourselves for our flaws or mistakes. Thanks for sharing 💜

  4. Self-acceptance is the key to so much that is positive in our lives; healthy self-esteem, the ability to learn and so much more. Thank you, Alex.

    1. I love that way of putting it! You’ve captured it perfectly. You’re very welcome and thank you for reading xx

  5. I would recommend saying the serenity prayer that is recited at all twelve step meetings. It’s so calming and it really helps to ground me when I’m worrying about what people think and starting to hate myself. It seems to cover all bases which is really important. It goes God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

    1. That’s a beautiful prayer and yes, I can see how that would help to ground & calm you – thank you so much for sharing, I’ll remember this one x

  6. This was so nice to read! I could relate really well as I amstill on my way to accept me as a whole. I recently started a blog called and it would really mean a lot if you would have a quick read! All the best

    1. I think self-acceptance is a continual process & the path to it is never a straight one – good luck on your own journey! That’s amazing you’ve started a blog, I think it will be very therapeutic for you with the areas you’re covering – I’m following you now. Thanks for reading xx

  7. I really like the idea of having a ‘being’ that I visualise. I’ve been using visualisation as part of my healing and it has helped, so to create someone – part of me – who has my back…now that I like the idea of. Some great practical advice here Alex – thank you x

    1. Thanks for the feedback Lauretta (and for reading!) Please do give the ‘being’ a try – they can be such a source of comfort and grounding – I’d love to know more about how you’re using visulation for healing too – that sounds like a great idea x

  8. These are such good tips! I struggle with my confidence quite often so Posts like this really give some motivation and Help me accept myself step by step, thank you!

  9. This is a fabulous post. Self acceptance goes and a long way and I think forgiving yourself for things is SO important. The way I see it, is the one person you’re guaranteed to be spending the rest of your life with, is you. So you’d better cut yourself some slack otherwise it’s going to be a tough ride xx

  10. I started somewhere and kept clicking and I think I am lost, but obviously meant to read – LOL! This has been a journey for me, the path to self-acceptance. I give a lot of credit to God, for me because I haven’t really done any therapy. I am going to try visualizing that little person and in my head after reading this when I let the negativity creep in. I am already thinking she would be one of those little fairy godmothers from Disney. Great post – putting the pins on tailwind!! xo

    1. That happens to me too! LOL. That’s great you have your faith Sandy.

      Do you know that’s pretty much what I visualised too! Must be embedded from our childhoods! Thanks so much for sharing the pins x

      1. I have had to rely on it many times. It’s the only thing I can think of that saved me. xo

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