25 Ways to Increase Your Love for Life

25 Ways to Increase Your Love For Life

Life can be many things – wonderful, challenging, rewarding, tough, joyful, short.  Yes, there are circumstances in life we can’t control but we can be in control of our response to them. This is your life and there are plenty of things you can (and should!) do to increase your enthusiasm & love for it.   

 With this in mind, here are 25 ways to increase your love for life…

01. Become aware.  

I believe in order to increase your love for life you need to have a good level of self-awareness – that’s self-aware, not self-conscious.  Make the effort to get to know yourself inside out.  How else can you start to work on addressing your needs and wants in life?  

02. Find your purpose.  

Having a purpose is a reason to get up in the morning. It motivates you, provides clarity, increases focus & ignites passion.  Maybe it will push you out of your comfort zone, potentially even scare you a bit – but it will make you feel alive.  

Need some help finding your purpose? Read: How to Find Your Purpose – The Questions You Need to Ask

03. Smile more.  

Smile more!

Happy people smile – do not underestimate the positive impact smiling (and laughter too for that matter) can have on your life.  

You can read about all the benefits in: Smile! Everything you need to know (but didn’t realise) about smiling.

04. Take yourself less seriously.  

Lighten up, give yourself a break.

05. Reconnect with your inner-child.  

What made you happy when you were younger?  What made you feel most nurtured?  What were your dreams & aspirations?  There is so much knowledge to be uncovered through spending time reconnecting with your inner-child.  It can certainly help to reignite your spark for life again. 

06. Breathe!  

Taking control of your breath & developing breathing practices can help you feel happier day to day

Aside from the fact we need to breathe to live, breathing is a powerful tool in our happiness armour.  We can use it to ground ourselves if our worries are running away from us.  As part of a mindfulness meditation exercise, it can be used to help bring clarity to our thoughts & provide direction.  

07. Seek support.   

You can do a lot of things but you can’t do everything – wise words I once read.  Thankfully, there are a few ways in which to seek support.  It could be through gaining the support of your friends & family – be it a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on.  But it can also be the need to seek professional help whether that’s hiring a cleaner or even a therapist!  

You can read about my experience with therapy in:  Understanding Yourself – How EMDR Therapy Helped Me Develop As A Person

08. Make the required changes.  

They may be small changes, they may be big changes, but quite often to increase your love for life, change of some sort needs to be embraced.  

09. Look after yourself.  

Exercise & take good care of yourself

Eat a nutritious balanced diet, exercise regularly, sleep well & practice daily self-care.   

10. Educate yourself.  

~ Every day is a school day.  

~ Those who think they know it all know the least.  

Two of my most repeated sayings.  Increasing our knowledge increases our world.  Pick up the books, take the course, listen, learn & grow.  

11. Set Goals.  

Setting goals is a defined & motivating way to keep you on track to turn dreams into reality.   Turning dreams into reality? What’s not to love about a life spent doing that? 

Want to discover a great tool to help you achieve your goals?  read: Goal Getter – How to Create & Use A Vision Board

12. Stay true to your values.  

Make your own personal manifesto if necessary, but stay true to you and what you stand for.  

Stay true to your values & take inspiration from other to increase your love for life

13. Take inspiration.

Be inspired by the stories of others.  Learn about the obstacles they have faced – take encouragement & reassurance that you too can overcome any hurdles you face in order to live a life you love.  You can do this you know!

14. Feel the fear and do it anyway.  

Step out of your comfort zone, that’s where all the good growth happens.  Read Susan Jeffers classic book* to help you with this.

[*This is an affiliate link. Find out more here]

15. Strengthen your connections.  

Surround yourself with the right people, people who are a positive influence on your life.  Work on building great relationships with those who mean the most to you.  Let go of any toxicity.

Getting social & creating better connections can help to increase your love for life

16. Keep in touch.  

Don’t isolate yourself – be social.  

17. Stop comparing your life to others.  


18. Be in nature.  

There are so many natural miracles around us.  Get out in the fresh air & appreciate them more.  

19. See the bigger picture.  

Volunteer, do something for your local community or wider society.  Being involved in something bigger than yourself gives great perspective on your own life.  

See the bigger picture!  Volunteering can help you increase your love for life

Learn the many benefits volunteering has to offer. Read: Feeling Good For Doing Good.

20. Balance  your ‘have-to-do’s’ with your ‘want-to-do’s’.  

Make time for regular fun. Find out more about this in 5 Easy Ways to Feel Energised.

21. Explore what makes you come alive.  

And do more of that!  There is a lot to be said for a healthy dose of nervous excitement.  

Challenge yourself!  Find out what makes you come alive

22. Challenge yourself.  

Try something new.  You never know what you’ll learn about yourself and what you’ll gain in the process.  

Need help in building your confidence?  Read: I’m New Here – 10 Ways to Feel More Confident in New Situations.

23. Be in the moment.  

There is a beautiful peace within it.  

24. Adopt a positive mindset.

Choose to see the good.  

Want some help in shifting your mindset?  Read: How to Be More Positive.

25. Record it.  

Journal all you have to be grateful for daily

Be it a gratitude journal or a success diary – or both! – make a conscious effort to create a tangible record of all the wonderful things & wins (even the small ones) that make up your life. 

Your life is yours to orchestrate…

You hold so much power within you.  If you could write a story about your ideal life – what would it say?  Do what you can to live that life.  As humans we evolve and our wants & needs do change (not to mention our circumstances), so continually work on staying true to what makes your heart sing.  And know this, It’s never too early or too late to create & experience a life you love living.

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Can you add any additional ways to increase your love for life? Are there any listed here that you’re particularly keen to adopt? Do you already do any of them? Whatever you’d like to say (or ask!) please do get in touch via the comment box below. I’m happy to help and I always love to hear from you!


4 thoughts on “25 Ways to Increase Your Love for Life

  1. I like getting inspiration from others and seeing what they’ve achieved – it’s definitely a motivator for me (as is someone telling me that I can’t do something!) I love the ‘Feel The Fear…’ book – haven’t read it for a while so I might have to remind myself how good it was and read it again!

    1. There’s somebody who has managed to overcome everything isn’t there – I love hearing all the inspirational stories too! Yes, definitely reread that book – it’s really good! Thanks for reading & sharing x

  2. I feel like I needed to read this today without even knowing it so thank you for sharing! Some great food for thought! I definitely need to stop comparing myself to others!

    1. I’m so pleased to hear that – absolutely, I loved the quote ‘don’t compare the start of your journey to the end of someone elses’ – thank you for sharing x

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