February Well-being Focus: Vitality

February Well-Being Focus: Vitality

I’m really excited about February! 

One, because it’s the 2nd anniversary of Living.Pretty.Happy and two, because of our focus for this month.  

February’s theme is not something we’ve really touched on before but it’s an area I consider to offer us bags of potential for fun! 

This month we are focusing on vitality.  

VITALITY [Well-being definition] Feeling energetic/full of energy.

Yes, our overall health is a big consideration as part of our topic but I want us to focus in more on developing our energy & enthusiasm for life.  Let’s work on giving ourselves the type of get-up and go that can really take us places and open doors for a world of opportunity & enjoyment.  

Ready to put some more pep in your step? 

I’ve got a wealth of posts in the Wellness section to get you motivated to get moving! But if you need some convincing on the benefits of exercise (other than the physical ones) allow me to recommend you start with…

Now we all know exercise is important for your health, but we shouldn’t overdo things in any area. Energy needs to be replenished regularly.  It’s imperative to make sure you’re taking good care of yourself & your needs – burnout should be labelled as the anti-vitality pill.  

Here are two posts I recommend reading to avoid burnout…

And finally, (for now) a natural vitality for life has often been cited as stemming from living a purposeful existence.  So, my question to you is… how did you get on with finding your purpose last month? 

In case you missed any of our PURPOSE related posts, you can find links to them all here

What’s coming up on Living.Pretty.Happy? 

This month (in fact right now!) I’m attending the Plant Powered Expo at London Olympia.  Although I’m not currently vegan, I’m keen to learn all the benefits living a plant-based lifestyle can offer.  I’ll update you soon.  

I’m also excited to be heading back to Live Well London, a well-being event packed full of inspirational talks, fantastic well-being brands and a lot of fun fitness classes.  

On the blog, I’ll be covering mindful eating, ways to energise yourself, developing that all important lust for life, travel for well-being plus a new beauty tool I’ve discovered to breathe life into your skin. 

Don’t miss out on any of it – make sure you are following! 

And now it’s over to you…

I’d love to hear your thoughts on vitality & developing an energy for life.  Do you have any top tips to share – I’d particularly love to hear of any exercise Apps you can recommend.  I’m on the lookout for something quick & easy to implement.  What do you personally do to recharge and keep the energy flowing?  Whatever you’d like to say I’d love to hear from you!  Simply leave a comment in the box below.  

Wishing you an energised & very fun February!

•NEW• Vitality focused posts for February…

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4 thoughts on “February Well-being Focus: Vitality

  1. I don’t really hear vitality being focused on as much, so I loved reading more about it in this post! I feel like this is one I’m actually pretty good at most of the time. I get excited easily about many things and always try to have something meaningful to look forward to. Because of this, I get energized even for the menial tasks as they bring me a step closer to the things I actually want. Plus, I love moving around and exercising. Since I’m more of an excitable/anxious person, exercise kind of de-stresses me more than watching Netflix would (I still need and do both though!).

    1. It isn’t is it – I found that when I was researching it for this month. Yours is such a positive & effective way of looking at things – I love it! And yes, I agree with you on the exercise helping to de-stress – thanks so much for sharing, it’s very inspiring! x

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