Wellness Retreats: Holidays to improve your well-being

Wellness Retreats: Holidays to improve your well-being

Now we all know holidays have the capacity to make us happier, which is why we take them.  But were you aware there’s a type of holiday out there which offers to improve our well-being on a much deeper level?  Well, there is!  There are wonderful well-being focused holidays more commonly known as wellness retreats…

What are wellness retreats?

I used to imagine them as bare-footed spiritual communes where you’re only allowed to consume juice morning, noon & night (literally, just juice) before being shoved in the unmentionables with tubes to clear out (there really is no polite way to say this) all the crap.  As much as I’m all for feeling good & living healthily – this imagining really wouldn’t be for me.  Whilst I’m sure this type of retreat exists, it really isn’t a fair representation of what wellness retreats are all about.  

Enjoying an outdoor meditation class on a wellness retreat

They’re actually enjoyable & rejuvenating holidays. The retreats usually involve a combination of exercise, activity and relaxation treatments. All designed to get your natural balance restored and your sense of well-being improved.  

There are a plethora of wellness retreats on offer – no doubt in response to their increasing growth in popularity.  These well-being holidays are available at home or abroad, in varying climates and for differing durations dependent on your wants & needs (and budget!).

How can wellness retreats help improve your well-being?

Have you ever heard somebody say “I could do with another holiday to get over the one I’ve just come back from”?  I have! (I’ve also been the person saying it)  Holidays are fun but dependent on the type they can also leave you quite tired. Not to mention needing a proper detox.  

Villa Eden Italy Pool
Credit Kuoni // (More on this blissful retreat in Italy in a minute!)

These aren’t the after-effects of a wellness retreat.  You’ll be on a break designed to encourage you to renew & recharge, to relax & be healthier. The idea is to come home with increased energy and vitality and most importantly the tools to build upon the good work you started whilst away.  

Yes, a wellness retreat offers longer-term benefits…

You’ll benefit from health & lifestyle advice from experts that you can use long after the holiday is over.  Maybe you’ll understand yourself a bit better and will know more accurately what’s required to help you feel happier day to day.   

A great excuse to kickstart a healthier eating plan

Wellness retreats can be the perfect kickstart to a healthier lifestyle.  Equally, they can help you build upon your existing health & fitness goals. But maybe for you, they’ll just be a welcome reward and some much needed ‘me-time’.  

Is a wellness retreat for you?

I personally think wellness retreats are for everyone.  There are so many to choose from and many can be tailored to meet your individual needs. 

Here are just a few of the different styles of wellness retreats on offer…

How about the Well-being Booster from Kuoni?  These retreats offer a good balance of fitness activities and spa treatments.  

The Villa Eden in Italy
Villa Eden, Italy // Credit: Kuoni

This is the Villa Eden in Italy, set amongst alpine scenery & with a backdrop of snowcapped mountains.  Here you can learn how to boost your optimal health, increase your energy levels, lose weight, or undergo healthy ageing treatments under the guidance of an expert medical team. 

If stress is affecting your health you could consider a stress-management retreat?  Set in peaceful idyllic locations, you can begin to unwind, recharge & recover.  Take part in private yoga, indulge in luxury treatments and spend time meditating.   

Painting class on a Skyros holiday
Credit: Skyros

Skyros offer wellness retreats mixed with creative endeavours – spend time on a beautiful Greek Island working on your well-being and taking part in music, art or writing classes.  A great opportunity to meet new people & develop your creative skills.  

Maybe you want the benefits of a retreat but don’t want to miss out on the cultural side of your holiday – DiscoverRecover™ from Health & Fitness Travel allows you to explore different cultures whilst staying healthy & active.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia one of the wonderful destinations for a DiscoverRecover™ cultural retreat

Trouble sleeping?  Wellbeing Escape’s Sleep Retreats help you tackle any sleep problems you’re facing with treatments ranging from cognitive to relaxation techniques.

You don’t have to travel with a partner or friend either.  Solo travellers are always welcome and a few companies such as Gotolearn.com offer many breaks without the single supplement.  

But if you do want to take the family with you (yes I’m including the kids!)  There are well-being breaks that cater for that too!  Find out more here.

Dipping your toe in the wellness retreat waters…

Dipping your toe into wellness retreat waters

If you fancy trying a wellness retreat but don’t want to commit your full break to it,  why not book a weekend break in one closer to home? 

Obviously (as with most things in life) the more you commit to something, the more you’ll get out of it. Although, most importantly it really is what feels most comfortable for you. 

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a holiday that offers you something more and benefits your well-being for a good deal longer, you’d be very well-advised to book a wellness retreat.

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Have you been on a wellness retreat? Did you know there are specific holidays out there to help you improve your well-being? What type of retreat would you choose? Whatever you’d like to say (or ask!) please do get in touch via the comment box below.


9 thoughts on “Wellness Retreats: Holidays to improve your well-being

  1. Skyros in Greece sounds right up my street! I’ve always wanted to visit a Greek island and going for the good of my health is the best reason anyone could give me!

  2. Your old preconception of wellness retreats sounds exactly how I used to imagine them to be, but since I’ve understood them better I can’t wait to go on one. There really are so many options nowadays and the stress-management retreats sound idyllic – I just need to decide what I want and get it booked! You’ve definitely given me food for thought. 🙂

    1. Yes, I think there are a lot of people under that impression. You’re so right that there are so many options – they’ll definitely be something out there to meet your needs. When you do go on one, I hope you have a fantastic time. Thank you for reading! x

  3. I’ve never experienced a dedicated wellness retreat, but I would totally be up for one! A weekend away sounds like it could be just what the doctor ordered. As long as it allowed me to have a treat once in a while (some cake wouldn’t go amiss!) then it’d be ideal!

    1. Me too! Although I’m even more up for a whole week of one!!! From my understanding & research you can absolutely allow yourself some cake and other indulgences but if you wanted to be on a restricted diet or went on a specific one focusing on nutrition then it might be another story 😉 thanks for reading x

  4. Thank you for sharing! a retreat getaway is a must once in a while for everyone to rejuvenate and relax before coming home feeling refreshed and motivated!

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