My Happiest Finds of 2019

My Happiest Finds of 2019

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I love discovering new things.  Especially when said ‘new things’ aren’t things you would necessarily stumble across on the high street.  Discovering products that make my life a bit easier, help me feel happier & maybe even indulge me just a smidge are absolute winners in my book. 

This year, I’ve been fortunate enough to discover upon some real gems.  So I’ve wrapped them up neatly here for you complete with a great a big Living.Pretty.Happy bow on top.  I hope you’ll join me in supporting these fantastic – and on the whole – small, UK-independent companies this Christmas & beyond…


WILDWOMAN Self-Care Subscription Boxes

My latest self-care package

Regular readers of my blog will know of my total fandom of WILDWOMAN self-care subscription boxes.  Every month I receive a hand-packed box full of self-care goodies including a non-fiction self-help/self-development book specially selected by the founder of WILDWOMAN.  This is a fantastic & purposeful reminder each month of the importance of taking time out for you.  

You can find out more in my post Take Time for You with WILDWOMAN or why not visit their Christmas Shop where you can pick up the December box for only £30!  

LSW Mind Cards

This happy discovery came about via my WILDWOMAN box and LSW Mind Cards has lived on my desk ever since.  A set of 45 beautifully presented cards with the purpose of teaching you different techniques and habits in order to help bring more calm, happiness and perspective into your life.  

LSW Mind Cards

Split into gratitude, reflection, kindness, journal & ritual themes, each card sets you a small task.  Be it going for a gratitude walk or completing a random act of kindness, these cards have added a lightness to my day.  

You can find out more here.  

ARDERE Candles

Nothing makes me more mindful than the glow from a flickering candle.  I find a room bathed in candle-light so calming.  In fact, a lit candle on my desk whilst working has become a bit of a ritual for me now.  For sheer quality & overall spa-like feel, I highly recommend ARDERE candles.  

ARDERE Provence Candle lit.

ARDERE (pronounced ar-deh-ray & meaning to glow) produce luxurious 100% organic, natural wax candles with cotton wicks and pure essential oils.  Yielding the power of the olfactory system (sense of smell) to gain alignment with both body and mind – they’ll help you to feel the best version of yourself.

My Provence (Lavender & Carrot Seed) candle lit in the evening, signals to me it’s wind-down time as its divine scent gently fills the room.  Bliss!  

Find out more here!


ARK Skincare

This award-winning skincare brand is on a mission to empower its users to celebrate the age they are!   They’ve made it so easy to select the right product by being very clear on the target age & benefit.  Personally, I find this exceptionally helpful.  I mean we want to be addressing the right needs of our skin at the right time, don’t we! 

ARK Skincare Range of products

You’ll know by now I very much rate their Skin Protector SPF30 Primer* which is also available as part of their Skin Essential Hero Collection Set* along with their pre-cleanse makeup remover & hydrating beauty mist.  But I also think their Triple-Action Exfoliator* & Hydration Injection Masque* (both with age-specific instructions on them) are fantastic too! I’ll be talking more about them soon.  

If you’re often left baffled on what the right product is for the age that you’re at, ARK is the brand for offering effective products to help reassure & reduce the stress.  Why not check out their Christmas gift range options here!

Read my review of Ark’s Skin Protector SPF30 Primer here

Friction Free Shaving

Let’s be honest, shaving is a chore!  But if you’re anything like me you’re not going to bear the hair!  I was delighted with my trial of the Friction Free Shaving subscription box this year.  

Here comes the sun: the easy ways to get yourself summer ready. Image of Friction Free Shaving Razor handle with the name Alex engraved on it
My Friction Free Shaving razor engraved with my name (gifted)

On signing up you’ll receive a free handle in either rose gold or silver, plus 4 blades.  From that point, you’ll receive a pack of 4, 6-layer, diamond-coated steel blades with a lubricating vitamin E strip every month through your letterbox. 

Personally I find it a stress-free way to keep everything smooth.  Plus the pre-shave scrub and shave cream are brilliant products.  The smell of the scrub, in particular, is delightful! 

This Christmas they’re offering a Rose box set* which includes the rose gold razor (with free engraving) the all-natural scrub, shave cream, post-shave balm, 4-razors, travel pouch, shower hook (very handy!) & clamshell razor head protector for only £25!  

Friction Free Shaving Rose Set
Credit: FFS

Living.Pretty.Happy readers can take advantage of 25% off their 1st subscription order with the code LIVINGPRETTYHAPPY (this code doesn’t apply to gift sets)  Find out more here*

By Sarah London Facial Oil

By Sarah London Organic Facial Oil Review - Image of 30ml & 10ml By Sarah London Facial oils on a windowsill

I’ve talked all about this amazing organic facial oil in my previous post: One Oil to Rule them all: Organic Facial Oil, By Sarah London.  Let’s just say here, this oil was a game-changer of a find.  Yes, I was gifted my oil, but as you may have seen from my IG stories recently, I am a customer & they were the first hit on my Black Friday shopping list!  But to be fair, Black Friday discount or not, this oil is worth every single penny.  

Why? No hidden nasties, just pure cold-pressed certified organic, plant-based ingredients.  Streamlined skincare at its finest in my humble opinion. Why not try it for yourself?  Find out more here.  

JEWELLERY (with well-being at the heart of it) FINDS:

OYL’E Aromatherapy Jewellery 

Not only is OYL’E Jewellery gorgeous, but it also carries a very clever hidden secret.  Each orb can hold a 100% pure wool bead which can be infused with your choice of high quality 100% pure and non-adulterated essential oil or blend.  

well-being and beauty gifts - OYL'E Aromatherapy jewellery
Credit: OYL’E

The vents on the pendants are designed to slowly diffuse their chosen aroma to the wearer throughout the day – delivering you all the therapeutic and uplifting benefits aromatherapy has to offer.   Isn’t that fantastic!

This year, OYL’E also launched perfect handbag sized pulse-point aromatherapy rollers, which I’ve personally found to be little life-stress savers!  Their Mood blend (refresh & energise) definitely helped me during the school holidays! 

I’ve written more about OYL’E’s wonderful jewellery in: OYL’E Aromatherapy Jewellery – Beautifully Harness the Power of Aromatherapy.  

Exclusive Discount for Living.Pretty.Happy Readers! Receive 20% off your jewellery purchase with the code LPH20 at the checkout.  Treat someone special (or yourself!) here*

Mantra Jewellery

My most recent find, but one I feel connected to nonetheless.  Mantra are an award-winning jewellery brand that create beautifully precious & personal jewellery built around a mantra, intended to make a positive impact on the way you feel.  

Mantra Jewellery Trust Bar Necklace

I purchased my ‘Trust’ necklace last month and have relished holding it for a few mindful moments each day as I repeat to myself the mantra, “I trust myself, I trust life.  Everything is unfolding in perfect timing.”  I find it very uplifting, reassuring & motivating.  

You can read more about Mantra Jewellery in my post: How I Found My Mantra (& How You Can Too!)  Plus if you’re quick I have a giveaway running until 13th December.  You can also view their range of lovely jewellery & inspiring mantras here.  

A round-up of my favourite well-being & beauty gifts of 2019. Click to discover great products from independent sellers not commonly found on the highstreet! #christmasgiftguide #wellbeinggifts #beautygifts #christmas2019giftideas #jewellerygifts
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Have you tried any of my favourite finds for yourself this year yet?  What did you think of them?  What’s been your happiest find this year?  If you’ve got any questions on any of the brands I’ve featured – ask away, I’ll always give my honest opinion & I’m very happy to help – just leave your comment or question in the comment box below! 


4 thoughts on “My Happiest Finds of 2019

    1. It’s a great box – I’m excited for the December one. Thank you, I’m so pleased with my necklace & happy to hear you find inspirational words/quotes good too – thank you for reading! x

  1. I love all the products you’ve listed on here Alex – I’m all over the soy wax candles, love the organic facial oil AND I’m in love with your new necklace. A girl after my own heart! Now I just need to know…what books you’re reading, what you last bought for your home and what you’re watching on telly for some more inspiration! lol… XX

    1. LOL! OK I’m reading the Boy who Followed his Father to Auschwitz. The last thing I bought for my home was actually bought for me, it’s an origami bird incense holder from Oliver Bonas AND although it’s a one-off, I highly recommend the Brené Brown Netflix special, The Call to Courage – Lauretta you will love it! Thanks so much for reading xxx

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