10 Top Beauty Tips for New Mums & Mums-to-be

Really this should be titled – 10 Top beauty tips for new mums & mums-to-be (and anyone who could do with taking a huge amount of stress out of their beauty routine whilst still remaining gorgeous).  But perhaps that’s a bit too long winded?  Just know  you are welcome to indulge in these tips – no child required, but please excuse me whilst I address all new mums/mums-to-be.  

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Entering the world of motherhood can feel pretty overwhelming. Everything as you know it is about to change – you are about to change.  For me, control over my beauty rituals was my saviour in not losing my sense of self.  If this is something you feel will be important to you too, then…

Here are my Top 10 beauty tips for new mums:

1. Planning! 

The first on the list of my top tips for new mums! If this is your first child, you have a golden opportunity to take advantage of some last precious pamper sessions.  Just like you might before a wedding or a holiday, get some beauty appointments booked before your due date. This results in only minimal interventions during your first month post baby.  Book that hair appointment (and add a deep conditioning treatment).  Make time to have a facial, manicure, pedicure, eyebrows shape, lash tint – whatever floats your boat – enjoy the ‘me’ time whilst you still can!

2. Overhaul your makeup bag

Don’t ditch your existing makeup – although everyone can benefit from a declutter – you will get to use it again. Add products to your shopping list that require absolute minimum fuss and attention to apply.  Think BB Creams, tinted lip balms, cheek stains.  All can be applied in a matter of minutes to achieve a natural and healthy finish.  You can also consider products such as Clinique Sun-Kissed Face Gelee Complexion Multitasker* which can easily be blended with your base to create a warm healthy glow.  Additionally, a few strategically placed applications of Benefit High Beam* will keep you looking radiant and takes mere seconds to apply.

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10 Beauty Tips for New Mums*
Overhaul your makeup bag

3. Own dry shampoo

Google it.  Use it!

4. Break out the emergency wipes!

You will be tired.  You will worry that the slightest noise from the bathroom will wake your sleeping baby.  Cleansing at the end of the day will become very low down on your list of priorities.  For this reason (and this reason alone) have makeup remover wipes or Micellar water as a staple in your bathroom cabinet.  Failing that use a baby wipe – let’s face it, you will be surrounded by loads! This is not a great long-term solution for your skin, but it is better to do something rather than nothing.  

5. Switch to time-saver products

At present, you might be the 20-minute deep conditioning queen.  You might also view Sunday’s Cleanse, polish and 30-minute face-mask regime as mandatory as a Sunday roast.  You may now want to consider faster-operating products.  I found benefit from switching to the Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask for a quick weekly facial. Percy & Reed offer the Totally TLC Hydrating Mask* for a speedy 2-minute conditioning boost.  

6. Use mobile beauty services

If you’re struggling to find the time (or child-care) to get to the salon, find services that come to you.  There are a wealth of Hairdressers, Nail Technicians & Beauticians that provide a mobile service.  They will be used to working with babies around.  If this doesn’t appeal, there are a growing number of child-friendly salons (some with designated play areas) all over the Country.  Research into whether there is one in your area.  

7. Use neutral shade nail varnishes

Neutral shades are more forgiving and will not highlight chipping as much, giving you more time between applications.  I personally found applying my nail varnish just before bed, gave me the greatest chance of it drying without interruption.  

8. Reduce shower time by switching to leave-in conditioner

Simply spray onto your hair post-shower and comb through. There are plenty available to choose from, catering for all hair types and concerns.  I have fine hair and can recommend Schwarzkopf Bonacure Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner (£11.95).

9. Be healthy on the inside

Your skin is a great indication of how healthy you are on the inside.  You will have put your body through one of the most demanding things it is most likely to ever go through.  Look after your health.  Drink plenty of water and take your supplements.  

10. A happy person is a beautiful person

My most important beauty tip for new mums…Just remember to breathe and release some of the pressure on yourself.  You are embarking on one of the hardest yet most rewarding jobs in the world.  It is not always going to be this intense or demanding and you will get back to you soon enough.  Nobody is going to remember the 3-day messy bun you’ve been sporting, just enjoy the ride whilst you get to ride it! 

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I hope you’ve found my 10 beauty tips for new mums helpful?  I would love to hear any of your great time-saving tips too! If you have any questions or anything you’d like to share, get in touch by leaving a comment in the box below.  I’m happy to help and I always love to hear from you! 

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