10 Body Positive Affirmations to help you love the skin you’re in

10 Body Positivity Affirmations to help you love the skin you're in

For so many years I was very self-critical of my physical appearance.  Putting myself through the craziest of diets and ‘toning’ treatments and non-sustainable exercise routines.  Sadly, I felt the size displayed on the label of my clothes defined me, and my comparison standards were not even of my peers but of airbrushed models in magazines.  It wasn’t healthy for me to say the least.  

Ironically, the times in my life where I was as close to being happy with my body were the times I was deeply unhappy; my weight loss usually the result of a tough time.  

Thankfully, over the years I’ve changed my attitude and also my behaviours.  I’m now in a much better place.  

Working in wellness and well-being has led me to understand what does and doesn’t define me. Most importantly I’ve managed to learn that I deserve to love myself exactly as I am.  I am more than how I appear: we are all more than how we appear.  

Over the last few years,  I’ve ditched diets and adopted healthy eating.  I’ve given up unrealistic comparisons and embraced my uniqueness.  And, I’ve stopped working out to exhaustion and started exercising sensibly.  All things I always encourage others to do too.  

Why Affirmations?

As part of learning to drown out the body negativity, I started to focus more on what I loved.  I would check myself every time a less than body positive thought came to mind and replace it with a body-positive affirmation.  

What is an affirmation?  A simple positive affirming statement repeated to yourself (either quietly or out loud) to help adjust your mindset.  

You can learn more about how affirmations work as well as how they can benefit you in: How Can Affirmations Help You (and how to make sure they do)

Personally, I found body positivity affirmations to be extremely helpful in the process of self-acceptance.  Not only did they help me think of my body more positively, but they also encouraged me to act in a caring, healthy and nurturing way.  Which is so important and beneficial for so many reasons.  

10 Body Positivity Affirmations

Here are the 10 body positivity affirmations I use.  As well as listing them, I’ve also included a printable version too.

It helps (if you feel comfortable) to look in a mirror as you say each affirmation. Remember to take some deep breaths before starting. You may also find it comforting to wrap your arms around yourself in a self-embrace too.  

I am at home in my body 

I release my insecurities and grow more comfortable in my own skin

My nurturing actions create my healthy body

I am worthy, whole and complete

I am more than a number on a scale

My body deserves love and respect

I am grateful for what my body is capable of doing

I will love and care for myself in a positive and healthy way

I choose to be kind to my body

I am beautiful inside and out

Whilst I’ve provided 10 body positivity affirmations you can cherry-pick as you wish. Also, amend slightly (if needed) to make them fully align with you.  I always recommend saying them daily, especially when you’re being hard on yourself.  

Remember, trying to overwrite deep-rooted, long-held beliefs can feel a bit awkward at first, but persevere, I promise you it will get easier.  Before you know it, they’ll become your mindset leading to you feeling much happier in your own skin.  


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How body positive are you? What has helped you to grow more comfortable in your own skin? Have you affirmations to work on your mindset before? Whatever you’d like to say – or ask! – just get in touch via the comment box below. I’m happy to help and I always love to hear from you.


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  1. Home and Horizon – Kent, UK – I'm Lauretta, journalist, editor, mum of teens and lover of cake and quotes. My lifestyle blog covers plenty of topics, but I mainly write about my two big passions - interiors and travel. Feel free to get in touch as I love to chat - lauretta@homeandhorizon.com
    Home and Horizon says:

    I did need to read this and I think most women will appreciate this! DEspite its flaws, I’m proud that my body has coped with everything that has been thrown at it for the last couple of years. I somehow feel I’m much weaker than I’ve been in the past, but I plan on changing that this year when the swimming pools open again! x

  2. Gemma – Welcome to The Gut Choice - a safe space dedicated to gut health and making positive choices for our tummies. The Gut Choice is edited by journalist & writer, health & wellbeing enthusiast and yoga convert Gemma Harris. "I hope to provide a hopeful outcome for people and a calm one for our tummies!"
    Gemma says:

    Love these Alex! We all have those days when we lack confidence about our bodies or dislike something about ourselves and these affirmations will be great for those occasions. 🙂

    Gemma x

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