Give the gift of well-being this Mother’s Day: Perfect well-being gifts for mum

Give the gift of well-being this Mother's Day: Perfect well-being gifts for Mum. Illustration of a pair of hands holding a heart on a white background

If you’re here, it’s because you’re blessed to have a mum or gran or a mother-figure in your life who you wish to celebrate.

Someone who has nurtured, loved and supported you.  Who has made your well-being their top priority.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to find a gift this Mother’s Day, that in some small way offers the same in return to this amazing woman in your life?

Well, allow me to step in here and help!  I have collated some beautiful well-being gifts where happiness, nurture, and appreciation will be offered to the recipient for as long as they choose to use it.

With the countdown well and truly on, here are 10 of the best well-being gifts for Mother’s Day…(I hope my kids are paying attention to this!)

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OYL’E London – Aromatherapy Jewellery & Essential Oils

Give the gift of well-being this Mother's Day: Perfect well-being gifts for mum. Image of OYL'E London, essential oil rose gold bracelet on a woman's wrist
Credit: OYL’E | Classic Rose Gold Bracelet

OYL’E London creates beautiful jewellery pieces which on their own are stunning enough, (just look at the rose gold bracelet pictured here!) but these also come with a delightful hidden secret!  Each 925 Sterling Silver piece holds a 100% pure wool bead which can be diffused with OYL’E high quality 100% pure and non-adulterated essential oils.  The vents on the pieces are designed to slowly diffuse their chosen aroma to the wearer throughout the day – delivering mum all the therapeutic and uplifting benefits aromatherapy has to offer!

Necklaces & Bracelets are available in both silver and rose gold and quite cleverly feature adjustable chains making them fit perfectly on any lucky mum that gets to wear one.

Make Mum feel exquisite click here

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Bloom & Wild Flower Subscription

Spring Meadow flowers from Bloom & Wild one of my 10 best well-being gifts for mother's day
The Spring Meadow [credit: Bloom & Wild]

As we talked about in Blooming Lovely: the positive power of flowers, flowers have wide-reaching, happiness-inducing benefits which make them perfect well-being gifts.  Current readers will not be unfamiliar with my love for Bloom And Wild UK flowers and I’m a big advocate of their flower subscription service.  Choose between 3 & 6-month subscriptions and mum will have an ongoing dose of love & appreciation delivered through her letterbox each month.

For Mother’s Day, they are offering the Mother’s Day Surprise special edition gift box, which includes the sweet & uplifting Spring Meadow bouquet as well as a rather moorish bar of ‘Love You Mum’ milk chocolate from Ocelot.

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By Sarah London – Organic Facial Oil 

Give the gift of well-being this Mother's Day: Perfect well-being gifts for Mum. Image of By Sarah London Organic Facial Oil
Credit: By Sarah London | Organic Facial Oil

An award-winning 99% organic & 100% natural facial oil that provides long-lasting nourishment and makes all skin-types (even sensitive) glow.  Massaged into skin both morning & night, 2-3 drops of this ethically sourced, cruelty-free plant-based oil blend will have mum smiling from ear to ear.  What I love about this oil (and I stress the word LOVE) is the simplicity of it – there’s no requirement for serums or eye-creams – this does it all in one bottle.  If mum is busy, doesn’t want to faff with lots of products, but wants something to give her skin an air of wow – this is the oil to gift her!

Read my full-review here: One Oil to Rule Them All – Organic Facial Oil By Sarah London

Spritz Wellness London – Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

Fabulous Liberty print eye-pillows are filled with dried-lavender, chamomile & buckwheat and are weighted with linseed to effectively and gently contour the eyes.  Promoting calm, rest and relaxation or even greater focus during meditation or yoga these pillows really support and provide mum with some much-needed peace.  Made of Tana Lawn cotton – a cotton fabric that behaves just like silk – they have a removable outer cover for ease of cleaning.  Why not create a well-being gift set and add an atmosphere mist such as their ‘Love’ atmosphere mist helping to create the perfect ambiance with hints of  Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Mandarin, Rose, Clary Sage & Vetiver.

Top tip: To soothe tired eyes, place the eye pillow in the microwave for 20 seconds prior to use.  Alternatively, for a relieving cold compress, place the pillow in a bag within the freezer prior to use.

Your Dream Life Starts Here

Give the gift of well-being this Mother's Day: Perfect well-being gifts for Mum.  Image of your dream life starts here by Kristina Karlsson

If you feel its time for mum to pursue her own dreams – Your dream life starts here* – by kikki.K founder, Kristina Karlsson contains bucket loads of inspiration & proven tools to help them in making the first steps towards a life of their dreams.  Go Mum!

Want to find out more?  Read: Are you living the life of your dreams?

ARDERE Scented Candles

Give the gift of well-being this Mother's Day: Perfect well-being gifts for Mum. Image of ARDERE scented candles
Credit: ARDERE | Scented Candles

ARDERE (pronounced ar-deh-ray & meaning to glow) produce luxurious 100% organic, natural wax candles with cotton wicks and pure essential oils.  Yielding the power of the olfactory system (sense of smell) to gain alignment with both body and mind – they’ll help mum to feel the best version of herself.

Each candle is inspired by destinations around the world. So you can transport mum to a garden in Thailand with an aroma of kaffir lime & ginger (my personal favourite) or stay closer to home with The Dales through scents of green fig & hedgerow blackberry.  There are 6 candles to choose from – so where in the world would she choose to go?

Good to know: Each candle is hand-poured in the UK and has a burn time of 64 hours.

Pick the perfect destination for mum here!

WILDWOMAN Mother’s Day Self Care Book Gift Box

The WILDWOMAN Mother's Day Gift Box

WILDWOMAN is a monthly reminder in the form of a self-care package to put yourself first.  How many of our mum’s could benefit from this! How many of us could benefit from this for that matter?! 

Each attractively packaged box contains a non-fiction self-development book and plenty of other goodies centered around the theme of the month. 

Every month, Mum will be provided with the opportunity to reclaim some time and headspace – as well as a positive reminder of the importance of her own self-care.  Mum can even get social by accessing the WILDWOMAN book club community online interacting with other like-minded women.

If mum doesn’t realise she’s a superhero already, this monthly hit of self-empowerment will leave her in no doubt!

To find out more about WILDWOMAN read: Take Time for YOU

For Mother’s Day, WILDWOMAN are offering the pictured gift box featuring a copy of The Unexpected Joy of the Ordinary by Catherine Gray, a Letts of London journal, candle, bath salts, sweets, rose-quartz crystal & a bookmark.  Take a closer look here

Scentered Be Happy Gift Set

Scentered I want to be happy gift set - one of my 10 best well-being gifts for mother's day
Credit: Scentered

Scentered’s Be Happy is heralded as their ‘sunshine in stick’ – perfect for when Mum is feeling less than her best and could do with a hand in brightening her day.  A blend of Pink Grapefruit, Lemon Myrtle and Spearmint combine to help provide a mood lightening citrus boost.  The I Want To Be Happy gift pack contains a therapy balm which can be applied as required to pulse points and also a handy travel candle.

Good to know:  If Mum is happy enough, Scentered also offers a Sleep Well, De-Stress and Escape gift set all with their own well-being enhancing benefits.

*Living.Pretty.Happy readers can take advantage of 10% off their first order with the code IMNEW10 Find out more here*

This Mum Runs – Running Apparel

If you have a ‘Mother runner’ in your life, here’s a sure-fire way to help her run happy.  This Mum Runs ethically produce high quality, timeless, attractively designed running tops and sweatshirts all printed or embroidered by the sea in Cornwall.  Stocked in sizes 6-20 because they quite rightly believe that running is for everyone, regardless of size or experience.

Encourage wellness in your mum and get her stylishly looking the part! Find out more here and whilst you’re at it, check out This Mum Runs – a fantastic initiative encouraging women to get fit and find some headspace.


Give the gift of well-being this Mother's Day: Perfect well-being gifts for Mum. Image of mum kissing daughter on the face

Seriously, you! Receiving cards and gifts is absolutely wonderful (and I probably would advise against rocking up on Mother’s Day without at least a card) but, speaking as a mum here,  you will have been the greatest gift to enter your mother’s life.  So your time, your attention, your appreciation & your love are all valuable gifts to shower Mum in happiness this Mother’s Day.

Wishing you and your mum – or whoever holds that mother-figure place in your heart – a very happy Mother’s Day.

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What do you love to do for Mother’s Day?  It’s great to celebrate and be celebrated, isn’t it!  I hope you’ve found some well-being gifts that you know your Mum (or mother-figure) will love or perhaps you’d want to treat yourself to too. (I know I have!)  If you have any questions on any of them – just let me know, I’ve either seen, used, touched, smelt (or all of the above) them all – which is why I’m recommending them here.  As always I love to hear from you – get in touch via the comments box below x

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[This article contains affiliate links: Find out more here.]

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