Blooming Lovely: the positive power of flowers

Blooming lovely: the positive power of flowers. Image of a female hand holding a yellow, white & green bouquet of flowers

There is one gift – regardless of the occasion – that rarely fails to delight.  From birth through to our final moments – flowers have been there.  They are a speechless gift that say so much.  Flowers let people know they are thought of, loved, appreciated, celebrated, missed, supported.  They have a unique ability to provide a moment of happiness in the darkest of times.  That is the true power of flowers.

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Blooming lovely: the positive power of flowers.  Image of a bloom blossom bouquet

Flowers always guarantee to make me feel brighter and they don’t have to be the type you buy in a bunch – just appreciating the ones growing in my garden is often enough.  

I absolutely love sending them just as much as I love receiving them.  Knowing that someone I cherish is going to feel even just a bit of the happiness they’ve provided to me is a massive mood boost.

Did you know this isn’t just my opinion either?  

The power of flowers and their ability to contribute to our emotional health and well-being has been well researched and documented.  

Rutgers University (The state university of New Jersey) researched the link between flowers and life satisfaction.  They discovered that flowers are a natural moderator of moods and contribute to improving our emotional health.  

“Common sense tells us that flowers make us happy.  Now science shows us that not only do flowers make us happier than we know, they have strong positive effects on our emotional well-being” 

Dr Jeanette Havilland-Jones, Ph.D Professor of Psychology at Rutgers University. 

The study highlighted the participants excitement at receiving the flowers.  They expressed feelings of surprise, happiness and gratitude.  The flowers encouraged the recipients to create more positive connections between themselves and their family and friends, thus increasing contact.  The positive feelings lasted long after the flowers were received – how good is that for a bunch of flowers!

Blooming lovely: the positive power of flowers.  Image of a bunch of tulips on a purple background

It’s also been evidenced that flowers have the ability to reduce stress, create moments of quiet in the mind and thaw tense situations.  

Additionally, flowers have a positive impact on the more elderly members of society.  They’ve been proven to help improve memory and to reduce feelings of isolation.  

Flowers, flowers, everywhere…

If you’re anything like me, you’ll tend to place your flowers where they will be seen.  In doing so, you share the joy with others who view them whether they were the intended recipient or not.  The positive benefits felt through experiencing flowers does not discriminate against who is looking at them – they are a gift for all.

Homes with flowers on display are often described as more welcoming with an atmosphere of inclusivity.  

Flowers not only brighten the room they brighten every moment you look at them.  That’s why it’s a great idea to place them throughout your home.  

Blooming lovely: the positive power of flowers. Image of a vase of flowers on a bedside table
Credit: Bloom & Wild flowers (the Masie)

Top tip: Separate bigger bouquets into smaller vases around your home.  Multiple doses of calm without any extra expense.  

Not a morning person? Studies have shown placing a small bouquet of flowers where they’ll be noticed within your morning routine (such as the kitchen table if you eat breakfast there) helped to perk people up and gave them higher energy levels for the day ahead.

Workplace wonders…

The benefits extend to the office too! Workplaces that include plants and flowers have been evidenced as higher achieving and more productive.   

In studies conducted within the last few years, employees demonstrated more innovative thinking, memory retention, idea generation and creative solutions to problems, if flowers were present in the office.

Flowers make for calmer environments in stressful situations and help to raise energy levels.  All positive benefits to increase workplace well-being.

Blooming lovely: The positive power of flowers.  Image of a bouquet of pink flowers in a glass vase, with an open filofax organiser next to it and a glass jar

And the benefits aren’t only felt by the recipient…

The power of flowers extends to those giving them too!

Firstly, your sense of self-appreciation raises knowing you’re doing good for others. 

Plus, it’s been recorded those who send flowers are often viewed as more successful, caring and emotionally intelligent people.  

Flowers allow you to effectively express your feelings and demonstrate that you take time to understand the feelings of others.  

Blooming lovely: the positive power of flowers. Image of a smiling woman holding a hand-tied bouquet of flowers
Credit: Bloom & Wild flowers (the Evie)

Colour coded…

According to researchers at Columbia University, the colours we choose for our blooms can further impact moods.  

Reds are associated with passion and love.  Oranges and yellows with happiness, energy and luminosity.  Blues and purples evoke feelings of tranquility and peace – be sure to place these in areas where you wish to feel calmer.  Greens symbolise life and rejuvenation.

Top tip: Purple also denotes authority.  Place purple flowers on your desk to draw out powerful psychological effects signalling leadership qualities. 

Simple ways to unlock the power of flowers…

Blooming lovely: the positive power of flowers. Image of a hand holding some daisies
Daisies my son picked for me
  • Go old school and actually visit your local florist.  Time spent looking at the flowers will heighten your well-being and the scents will lift your senses.  
  • Treat yourself – even if it’s a £1 bunch of daffodils, you’ll still reap the benefits and you’ll subconsciously increase your own feelings of self-worth and self-love.
  • Send flowers randomly – nothing increases the positive feelings of receiving flowers than when they were totally unexpected.
  • Subscribe to a monthly flower subscription service* giving you guaranteed joy every month
  • Spend time in your garden, peacefully sitting and admiring the flowers growing OR if you don’t have a garden or a garden with flowers in it for that matter – head out to local fields and forests to see what nature has to offer.

It doesn’t need to break the bank either…

-Experiencing flowers in nature costs nothing.  

Blooming lovely: the positive power of flowers.  Image of  wildflowers in nature

-Look at the flower section in your local supermarket for near-date mark downs – you’ll still get a more than adequate dose of feel-good, even from flowers which are close to expiration.  

-Speak to your local florist about your budget – they can often accommodate and create a nice bouquet regardless of spend.  

-Here is a gift my daughter and I created for a friend as a thank you which cost only £2:  

Blooming lovely: the positive power of flowers

We used a cleaned out jam jar, decorated it with stickers and an off-cut of ribbon before filling with an in-expensive bunch of flowers from the local supermarket.

In the US? Have a look at the Power of Flowers project – an organisation that gifts free flowers to those who are most in need of a smile.  Find out more or donate to their cause here.

I always knew flowers were special…

But before I started researching it, I certainly didn’t realise how special they really are.  If you’re looking for the perfect gift – you shouldn’t rule out flowers as being cliché – and you really shouldn’t underestimate how much joy they will give. 

Flowers are a gift in more ways than one.  And now that you know all the many positive benefits they offer isn’t it time to wake up and smell the Roses? 

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Blooming lovely: the positive power of flowers.  Image of 3 Bloom & Wild letterbox boxes and a vase full of cream, pink and green flowers
Credit: Bloom & Wild flowers

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Feeling inspired to send some flowers?  

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Blooming lovely: the positive power of flowers. Flowers have been proven to increase the well-being not only for the person you send them to but also your own well-being. Flowers have many positive benefits. Flowers and well-being. How to simply introduce flowers into your home or office environment. #flowers #wellbeing #increasewellbeing
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Do you love flowers?  Had you realised the power of flowers already?  Do you like to give them or do you feel they’re a bit obvious?  What are your favourite flowers?  Any hints or tips when it comes to purchasing flowers?  Whatever you’d like to ask or say, just get in touch by leaving a comment in the box below – I always love to hear from you!

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    1. They really are! I couldn’t believe how much until I started researching it. I want them around all the time now! So glad you liked the tip and thanks for reading! xxx

  1. Awww… I love flowers in my home. I need to pick them up when I am out more often. They do bring positive energy and who doesn’t like or benefit from that?? I never paid much attention to the energy influenced by the different colors, very interesting. Thank you for sharing!

    1. It’s definitely worth making a point to have them around more – it can only benefit right?! Thank you for reading!

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