Why your well-being matters most right now

Why your well-being matters most right now

My policy is not to get swept up in or contribute to negative situations.   What I’ve realised is that it’s kind of unavoidable at the moment.  

Whenever I write for this site, I always ask – is this helpful? – only posts where I can answer, yes, get published.  That has always been my commitment to you.  I didn’t want to add to the current noise out there and planned on not writing anything about current events.  However, I’ve decided I do have something helpful to say about the new big ‘C’*.  So I’m sharing this from a place of helpful intention in the hope it will at least provide some support to someone in need of it right now.  

*(who knew how many awful words could be attached to this one letter?)

Let me share with you what I’m personally experiencing at the moment (because we’re all in this together aren’t we)…

In all honesty, my mental health has been impacted.  The news is overwhelming.  I’m human, prone to anxiety and this is certainly spiking it – maybe you can relate?  The majority of my family live in Malta.  With the island’s 14-day quarantine on arrival, I’m no longer just a plane ride away from them, it’s a horrible feeling – I can’t be there if I’m needed.  There is worry for loved ones who fall into the higher-risk category & concern for friends whose livelihood is in pieces right now.   It’s a giant unwelcome feeling of no-control.  Life on hold, for who really knows how long.  Seriously, f*@k you Corona! 

But here’s what I do know…

The thing that keeps me going – other than my need to function for my kids – is working daily on my well-being.  Now more than ever, simple, daily, easily accessible practices provide the biggest payoffs in terms of how happy I – we – can feel in this moment.  OK, I can’t control what this bloody thing is doing, but I can control what I do to get myself through it – so can you.

Right now, I want to share with you my well-being daily action list

I know you may have heard a lot of this before, but the more times we hear something the more likely it sticks.  Please do not underestimate how much these simple actions can help.

Limit the news.

This includes social media and TV shows such as This Morning, GMB etc that are just a constant stream of talk about it.  I’ll be honest, I have limited all of this & yet the news still reaches me – whether it’s people messaging me with all the latest ‘advice’ for beating it or links to news stories they’ve found.  Whilst it’s sent with good intention, it doesn’t help me.  

If necessary, put up a post to say you’re limiting your exposure to the news and ask friends & family to respect your decision.  Just be open about how you’re feeling right now.  Yes, you want to keep in touch with people, and you want them to know you’re there for them – but it’s also important to reduce anxiety-inducing contact.

Look after yourself.

Yes, it’s a great excuse to stay in your PJ’s on the sofa all day (& we all need those types of days every so often) but maintain care of yourself.  Eat healthily, exercise, shower – not only will these things benefit your physical & mental well-being, but those around you will also be encouraged to do the same.  

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Be more mindful.

As I’ve said before, mindfulness is about being present in the moment, not carrying the weight of the past or worrying about the future.  Give mindful focus to what you’re doing, even if that is washing your hands.  Meditate.  Do a mindful activity, such as mindful colouring, baking, puzzles, craft – whatever brings moments of calm to your day – make sure you’re doing something daily.  

Work on your thoughts.

Whether it’s using positive affirmations such as the ones below or using the worksheet I shared here, there are ways to bring your mind back from where it’s currently raced off to.

Affirmations for Peace of Mind.  Help calm your worrying thoughts.  Learn why this helps and why your well-being matters most.  #affirmations #mantras #positiveaffirmations #wellbeing
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Do stuff just for sh*ts & giggles.

There’s so much stuff we’re being told we should do at the moment, and so much stuff we’re being told we’re not allowed to do at the moment. Within the ‘in-between’ area find things that will bring you joy – and for no other reason than you just can – do them!  View it as your personal two-finger salute to the new big C.  

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List your daily successes.  

This is such a powerful exercise right now.  Listing any achievements – no matter how small you may perceive them to be – is a great way to see how you’re still winning despite the challenging circumstances.  

And whilst you’re at it, journal! 

 Consider daily writing down of the following:

  • At least 5 things you’re grateful for.  
  • A list of your goals/dreams – just because they might be on hold right now doesn’t mean they’ll never happen – keep the faith!
  • Your thoughts – let them flow out of you, place no judgement on what you write – think of it as a cathartic cleanse.

Stay connected.

Especially with the people who uplift & support you.  Go all 90’s and make phone calls! 

Develop yourself.

Pick up personal development books & use the time to not only read them but complete the exercises too!  What about working out your purpose – finding your meaning?  Create a vision board?  All of these things will build you up and move you forward.  

Need something more? Help others!  Contact local community groups and see if there are ways you can help the most vulnerable near you, whether that’s dropping shopping at their doorstep or calling to have a friendly chat with someone who is self-isolating at the moment.  Being involved in something bigger than ourselves benefits everyone.

Look, I’m not claiming to be at my happiest right now.  But I am getting through…

I am functioning OK and the reason is that I work daily on my well-being.  Without these things, these small but very helpful things, this wouldn’t be the case.  I urge you to make your well-being a priority too – work out what works for you.  

As I’ve said before in my post on improving well-being – if we take responsibility as individuals to maintain a higher sense of well-being, not only will we benefit ourselves but also those directly around us and even wider society as a whole.  What better time for this than now, right?  

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Why Your Well-Being Matters Right Now.  Tips on how to improve your sense of well-being on a daily basis.  #wellbeing #wellbeingtips #wellbeingadvice #livehappier
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How are you coping right now? What are you doing to try to feel a bit happier each day? Do you have any tips to share. I would always encourage you to seek out official advice, such as the NHS Direct when it comes to dealing with the current situation and not rely on unsubstantiated advice – the likes of which currently doing the rounds on social media. Please do get in touch if you have any questions about any of the tips I’ve shared – whatever you’d like to say, please do leave a comment below – I always love to hear from you.


12 thoughts on “Why your well-being matters most right now

  1. Thanks for this. I’m kind of struggling too. I was just getting over a horrible flu when Corona struck the US, so just as I’m starting to feel better and catch up on all the things I put off while I was sick, everything shuts down. I was also feeling cabin fever pretty badly, but looking forward to spring and our vacation in May but …. who knows if that’s going to happen now. The hardest part is feeling like there’s nothing to look forward to because we don’t know how long this is going to last. Thank goodness for the internet I guess? (and books)!

    1. I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling too, but I hope you find some comfort in that you’re not alone in the feelings you’re experiencing. I think we just have to look forward to this being over – although we don’t know at present when it will end, the key is – it will eventually end & you will get to have things to look forward to again. Thank you for reading & sharing Stacy xx

  2. Hello, thank you for taking the time to put some honest, positive vibes out there in a period of intense anxiety for many people, Alex. I’m very sorry for the negative impact this pandemic is having on individuals and whole societies. My hope and my prayer is that despite all the challenges and in the midst of stress and difficult feelings, a sense of solidarity will emerge, and people will realise that there is love and care in our world even when anxiety and feeling down start to dominate. In that way, I hope people can focus on good stuff as well. Rachel x

    1. My pleasure Rachel, thank you for taking the time to read & comment! I truly hope your hopes & prayer is answered as that would be a wonderful outcome xx

  3. Really helpful post Alex. Having never before suffered with any kind of anxiety the sudden explosion of it in my life took my absolutely by surprise. I don’t have tools for such things as I never needed them but this helped a lot. Especially limiting the news, just one day of doing this and I can already feel myself relaxing just a fraction. Also what really helped me was to put on some happy music today. You can’t feel stressed when you dance to yourself like a lunatic. 😆

    1. I’m so pleased to hear it has helped – I hope each day that passes eases your anxiety even more. And yes to happy music – that is so true and a great tip, thanks for sharing! xx

  4. I took the day off from news today. I stopped watching it after the election a couple of years ago and started watching because of this, and it is mentally taxing. Today was a beautiful day and getting outside to exercise, did wonders! xo

  5. I’m slowly going stir-crazy being stuck inside but I’ve been trying to use my time to be productive. Keeping a daily wins list is a great idea and I’m def limiting the news as much as possible.

    1. There will definitely be an adjustment period won’t there. I think you’re approaching it in the right way. We’re self-isolating at present and that will challenge me the longer into it we go, but I’m thinking of the bigger picture. Stay safe & thanks for reading xx

  6. I feel like I was in a pretty good place and I am trying to share any stress-relieving techniques that I am aware of with anyone who needs them, but I have to admit my mental health has taken a bit of a dip because of this whole situation; I think it’s helpful that we admit that we may not be coping as well as we usually do – we are all only human after all. It’s going to take time to adjust to being inside more and away from people (physically), but I’ve tried to make positive steps each day. Today, I began limiting the news and I already feel a bit better. I think keeping up a fitness routine and meditating is going to be a big help for me. I’m also trying to look at it as an opportunity to try new things that I might not have had chance to do before e.g. try a new at home workout. I’m planning on publishing a list of stress-relieving exercises on my blog soon too which I hope with help people!

    1. You’re certainly not alone in that Gemma, and you’re right it’s important to be open about our feelings. We’re self-isolating at the moment and it will challenge us, but like you said, small positive steps each day. I look forward to reading your list of stress-relieving exercises – that sounds really helpful. Take care & thank you for sharing xx

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