5 Easy ways to instantly boost your mood anytime & anywhere

5 Easy ways to instantly boost your mood

Before we look at how to boost your mood, let’s quickly explore why it’s so important to boost your mood in the first place…

Our moods often dictate the tone of our day.  They govern the types of interaction we have with other people and form our perception of everything.  Whilst acknowledging that we can’t feel happy all of the time – if you do find yourself in a bad mood – it’s important to dust off the cloud of negativity surrounding you ASAP and start to get your day on to a much better track.  

Here are 5 really easy ways to instantly boost your mood and inject a dose of feel good into your day…

5 Easy ways to instantly boost your mood

– A happy discovery –

Gather together any cherished notes, drawn pictures, cards or printed photos that are guaranteed to make you smile.  Place them around your home in areas where you will ‘stumble across’ them on a regular basis. 

For example, my children write me little love notes which I place in a drawer within my wardrobe that I use everyday.  It’s an instant reminder – no matter how I am feeling  – of the love I am blessed to have in my life.  

5 Easy ways to instantly boost your mood
Some of the notes I keep in my drawer

It doesn’t have to be from your children.  It could be from a partner, parent, friend or even a self written mantra or positive statement, anything that when you see it, you can’t help but feel love and smile.  This doesn’t have to be confined to your home either – put something in your bag or in your car.  Imagine after a stressful car ride to work, opening your glovebox and seeing a handwritten card from someone you love, it instantly helps to diffuse the frustration.  

– Send an appreciation text –

5 Easy ways to instantly boost your mood

Next time your mood could do with a lift, pick a friend or family member in your contacts list and send them a message.  Tell them how much you appreciate them.  It could be along the lines of…

Hi Anne, just wanted you to know that even though I hated working in that office 5 years ago.  I’m glad I did because it meant I got to make a friend like you.  Thank you for making that job bearable and for all the great times we’ve shared together since. 

And then just hit send – simple.  

You’ve most likely just made someone else’s day.  You’ve also switched your mood to a happier one just by focusing on someone good in your life.  You never know – they may even send one back which is a double boost.  This is something I have been doing for years and I highly recommend it!

– Negative news embargo –

5 Easy ways to instantly boost your mood

You wake up feeling reasonably ok, but then you switch on the news and BAM – what’s the point of going on?  The world is rubbish, nothing good ever happens – I was allowed to eat chicken yesterday, but today that Nando’s is going to kill me.  You’ve unwittingly put yourself into a negative mindset.  It’s important to know what’s going on in the world, however, there is a right time to absorb all of this information.

I never turn on the news in the morning.   I’m tired – not a  great place to handle what I’m hearing.  Instead,  if I have any sound on at all, it’s usually a comedy programme.  You cannot beat starting the day with a really good belly laugh.  I do check the news on an app, but when I’m able to apply a good dose of perspective.

It’s also important to apply this to social media exposure too – keep the outside world at bay until your mindset is able to cope with whatever it’s going to throw at you.  

Additionally, choose wisely what you listen to in your car or on your commute.  Try to only expose yourself to music or words that will uplift and empower you, not bring you down and create anxiety.  

Everything has an appropriate time and place, so always try to wait until you’re in yours.  

– Gratitude list –

5 Easy ways to instantly boost your mood

Gaining perspective helps you realign your mood.  Allow yourself a moment to mentally list 5 things you are grateful for right now.  This can easily be done in any situation at anytime. If it helps, hold out your hand and touch your thumb with the fingers of your other hand.  Think to yourself I am grateful for X because (and then give a reason).  It’s important to give a reason as this allows for deeper focus.  Then move on to the next finger and state a different thing you’re grateful for and so on until you’ve listed 5 things.  This is a great way to realise that yes something has happened to annoy or frustrate you, but for every 1 thing that has upset you, you have 5 things to be grateful for.

– Create a ‘happy album’ on your phone –

5 Easy ways to boost your mood

Back in the day, my husband made me a mini photo book that I kept in my handbag.  I used to look through it so much it started to fall apart at the seams – it always made me happy.  Nowadays,  you can easily create a similar album on your phone.  Just create the album and add pictures that make you feel love and happiness.  At any point during the day, look through the photos in the album for a boost.  Just think of it as a portable reminder that your life is filled with love, support and happy memories.  

Finally, if you want to focus on the good times you have to look forward to in the future, then Event Countdown apps are a great tool to use too.  

Hopefully you’ll now feel that you have extra tricks in your armour to help boost your mood. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the simplicity of these tricks makes them lack effectivity.  Their simplicity is the beauty of them.  The tips are available to use by all and can deliver strong results.  Give them a go – you’ve got nothing to lose and only a happier mood to gain.  

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I hope you find these mood boosting tips helpful! I would love to hear any  tips you have to boost your mood too!  Let me know by leaving a comment in the box below – I always love to hear from you!

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8 thoughts on “5 Easy ways to instantly boost your mood anytime & anywhere

  1. I have a metal coin I bought in an airport, at a time when many things seemed impossible to overcome, on one side it states ‘impossible just takes longer’, i keep it in my purse with my loose change so i randomly notice it when i am paying for things. It instantly makes me reset my mood on a bad day, no matter how impossible the situation or emotion seems, there is always a way forward to something better, sometimes it just takes longer.

  2. I have a thankful list. I also try and go through my phone about twice a week and pick random people’s numbers and text or call them. A lot of the time people really respond well and we end up making a lunch date or talking/catching up!
    Also…cheesecake works really well!

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