Recommended: Clinique Even Better Glow Foundation

Clinique Even Better Glow Foundation

Have you ever had a panic buy turn out to be a real diamond of a find? It’s funny how a product can go from ‘this will have to do‘ to ‘I don’t think I could do without’. But that’s what happened to me when I panic bought Clinique’s Even Better Glow Foundation.

What you need to know about Clinique Even Better Glow Foundation*

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It’s a lightweight fluid foundation containing subtle luminising pigments to give a glowing finish.

The addition of Vitamins C and E brighten & even out the skin tone. Plus they’ve put some clever bits in it that ensure, once applied, this foundation won’t change colour, streak or clog pores! It also won’t catch on any dry bits.

So, if you want to look natural but flawless, this a foundation to sit up & pay attention to.

Why do I love this foundation?

Well aside from the above, quite a few things actually. Like the fact a little goes a really long way. Enough coverage for me is just two dots on my stippling brush* (which is also what I recommend applying it with!).

It’s so blendable & although it’s sheer, it’s easy to build up the coverage to medium, making it a really flexible foundation.

But most importantly for me, I really love the dewy finish. I have combination skin and previously, ‘dewy’ just looked borderline oily. That’s not been the case with Even Better Glow. I’ve always been genuinely happy with the result.

The Stippling Brush I use to help create a flawless finish

Things to think about…

As I mentioned, it’s sheer – buildable to medium – coverage. This isn’t going to be for you if you want a heavier foundation. Plus if you do have a spot, you are going to need to apply concealer.

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Also, although this foundation does contain broad-spectrum SPF 15, I personally question whether this is sufficient protection from damaging UV rays.  To be on the safe side, I use a separate SPF.  You can discover more about the SPF I use here, it usefully doubles up as a primer too!

Finally, from my experience, it doesn’t last from the moment you apply to the moment you remove (that’s assuming you apply first thing in the morning & go to remove it at night.  Even Better Glow does last all day for me, but if I go out in the evening, I do need to touch-up.  So if you want a longer-lasting formulation, you might want to consider my other recommended foundation: Esteé Lauder Double-Wear Light.

Who do I recommend Clinique Even Better Glow Foundation to?

This foundation is suitable for the majority of skin types but is best suited to combination skins (whether that’s combination-dry or combination-oily). It really is a good foundation for people who would usually have to avoid dewy finish formulations.

It’s also well suited to time-pushed people who want a professional, natural look that’s easily achievable within a short space of time. Plus, if you’re not 100% confident in your makeup application skills (I mean we’re not all beauty YouTubers are we?) this is a foundation where it’s very difficult to get the application wrong.

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Want to try it for yourself?

You can find out more information & purchase here*

Alternatively, head into store.  Often the concessions are able to provide trial-sizes allowing you to test before purchasing a full-size bottle.  Plus, it’s a good opportunity to get shade matched.  I did try out the Clinique shade matcher online, but it didn’t give an accurate result – it was fun testing it though!

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*This article contains affiliate links.  Find out more here.

Have you used Even Better Glow already? What did you think? Have you struggled to find a dewy finish foundation that works well on combination skin? What panic buy have you made that’s turned into a gem of a find? If you’ve got any questions about this foundation, please do get in touch, I’m happy to help! Just leave a comment in the box below.

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