5 Easy ways to add volume to fine hair

5 Quick tips for adding volume to fine hair

When your hair is fine, the ultimate goal is to create the illusion of thicker, fuller locks!

Here are some really easy ways to add volume to fine hair:

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1. Get the style right

Your first stop on your journey to more volumised tresses is a mandatory trip to the hairdressers.  Aside from the fact that regular visits help to keep your hair healthy, you will also be privy to expert opinion on the best style for your face shape/hair concerns.  No set hair length works best for fine hair, which is great news in giving you ultimate flexibility.  However, the type of cut/length of layers required will vary dependent on the length you want to have.

5 quick tips to add volume to fine hair

If colouring your hair, try to avoid block colours – they highlight areas of sparseness and contribute to your hair looking flat.  For best results try multi-tonal colours which are reasonably close to your natural hair colour. They’ll add depth and variation.

Finally, consider adding curls or waves to your style.  They add body and volume and are reasonably easy to achieve.  If you want to avoid looking like Curly Sue, start on lower heat settings and experiment with how long to hold each strand in the tong for – the longer you clamp it the tighter the curl.

Also, let me share with you a great hack I witnessed, which is especially good if you have longer hair:

Tie a ponytail on top of your head and use a barrel tong to curl sections of hair.  Once you’ve curled all of the hair in the ponytail, untie it, smooth down and ta-da, you’ve created natural-looking waves.  I tried this for myself and I was really pleased with the result.

2. Avoid product overload

Too much product weighs-down your hair.  Equally using the wrong products can make your hair look greasy, flat and lifeless.

Start with a good shampoo and conditioner.  It may seem like a given but opt for volumising shampoos and conditioners.  Massage the shampoo well into your scalp and rinse thoroughly.  Any residue will weigh locks down.  Apply a small amount of conditioner to the lengths of your hair – avoid applying to the roots.  Again, rinse well.

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To gain extra volume apply a styling product to damp hair.  I have often found that volumising mousses can leave my hair feeling quite stiff and crunchy.  I swear by Percy & Reed Smooth Sealed and Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil For Fine Hair*.  It’s so light (you only need 2 drops max) but still works wonders to give your hair a beautiful volumising boost.

Alternatively, a few spritz of Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray* will help to make your hair look and feel thicker.

Top application tip:  Spray lightly from a distance of around 8 inches from your head whilst giving your hair a little tousle to ensure even distribution.

Good to know: Both styling products mentioned, also double-up as heat protection products too.

Once your hair is styled, add a finishing product.  Often serums can be too heavy for fine hair and create a greasy appearance.  The best product I’ve discovered is Schwarzkopf BC Oil Miracle Spray For Fine Hair.  It adds shine, smells divine whilst being very light.  Spray a few times from a few inches above your head and allow the product to fall onto your hair before smoothing through with your fingers.  Finally, apply some hairspray.

Maintain the volume tip:  Don’t just apply hairspray to the top of your hair, flip your hair over and spray some underneath as well.

5 quick tips to add volume to fine, flat hair

Additionally, for in-between washes, dry shampoos are an easy way to add some life.  Two of the best dry shampoos I’ve used (and I’ve tried a few!) are Philip Kingsley One More Day* and Batiste Dry Shampoo

3.  Flip the blow-dry script

Blow-dry your hair upside down (not literally – although that would make a great YouTube video).  Tip your head so your hair is upside down and blow-dry from above.  I use my fingers but if you prefer, you can use a round vented brush* to build volume.

5 Quick tips for adding volume to fine hair

4.  Cheeky backcomb anyone?

A few strategically placed backcombs throughout the crown will give the illusion of volume.  Be sensible and go gently with this, it’s not great for your long-term hair health.  If you’re new to backcombing, it’s ultra simple.  Just hold up a section of hair and on the underside, run a hairbrush from the middle of the strand back towards the root – repeating a few times.  Remember to be gentle.  If you’ve overdone it, don’t panic, just brush it out.  You can use a regular brush for this or a dressing-out brush such as the GHD Narrow Dressing Brush*.  A bonus of the dressing hairbrush is the pin-tail end, which is great for sectioning.

5.  Learn to love what you have

It’s been documented that fine hair is the best hair type to have (say what?).  Yes, my fine-haired friend, your hair is more malleable, style-able and capable of holding its shape well.  I change my style on an almost daily basis – straight, wavy, curly, it’s quite difficult to get bored.  Yes, I have extreme hair envy for people who can just wash their hair and go, no styling required.  But I’m more in love with the fact that I can change my style, dependent on my mood, outfit, time of day.  My hair gives me options.  Capitalise on this and invest time learning different ways to wear your hair.  Ever used your straighteners to create curls?  Watch You-tube tutorials and get practising.  Take advantage of the fact that your hair can hold a style and have some fun with it.

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I hope you find these tips for adding volume to fine hair helpful?  Have you tried any of them before?  What do you find works for you? If you have any questions just get in touch by leaving a comment in the box below.  I’m happy to help & I’d love to hear from you! 


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