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I was fortunate to attend an exhibit at the Museum of London focusing on the Suffragette movement.  I was greatly moved by the self-sacrificing actions taken by these brave women so that I, as a woman, am afforded the same rights as men.  Immediately after feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards them, came a good dose of guilt.

Within our household, I am the homemaker, the child-rearer, the wife supporting her husband as he progresses his career.  I’m the one ironing the clothes whilst the roast dinner cooks in the oven.  What sort of message was I sending to my own daughter?  I felt shame that women burnt their bra’s for the likes of me.

And then I realised the movement wasn’t intended to rear a nation of women solely focused on careers and shunning domestication.  It was about rights and choice.  I may do things that some may view negatively as gender conforming, but that is my choice.  It’s not done by me because I’m a woman, it’s just that nobody else seems to care about it half as much as I do.

I don’t believe that there is a right or wrong answer when it comes to picking your role in life.  As long as it’s legal, the only wrong role is the one you don’t feel happy within or that is being forced upon you.  This is still sadly the case for too many and as a society we should continue to provide education and support to ensure that all have a voice and the opportunity to exercise choice, regardless of gender.

Women are amazing and I’m proud to be a part of the sisterhood.  I may not be out there leading the charge and changing the world, but I am happy with my role; supporting the cause, exercising my rights, educating my children and living the life that I’ve chosen.

Whilst we were at the Museum of London, I happened to discover this great storybook.  I was really excited to share this with my children.  Written by Kate Pankhurst (a descendent of Emmeline Pankhurst).   The book shares the stories of great women who changed the world we live in.  What a fantastic message!

The Suffragette exhibition is free to attend at The Museum of London – if you have opportunity, go and see it!  It’s a great way to learn more about this important part of women’s history.  

Moments are a series of bite-sized pieces intended to encourage you to reflect, feel more positive and become (or keep) motivated.  They stem from everyday experiences and may include little tasks for you.

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Have you been to the Suffragette exhibition at the Museum of London yet?  Have you read the book I’ve recommended and/or are there any other great books you can recommend too?  How do you feel about what I’ve said in wo-man up? I’d love to know your thoughts – just get in touch by leaving me a comment below! 

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Motivatonal moments: Wo-man up. Pinterest graphic displaying post title, the outline of a female and the quote 'women are amazing and I'm proud to be a part of the sisterhood.'
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