New Beginnings: Living Pretty Happy

New Beginnings

I have lived a lot of my life ‘under the duvet’.  My little head poking out witnessing enough to be able to interact and function, but ultimately hidden away in a cosy, warm, safe environment avoiding change and sticking to what I know.  

Sound familiar to you?

When I did venture out, it might have looked like a grand gesture of an adventurous spirit, but most likely there had been several teeny tiny fairy steps of cautiousness before I made that big leap off the bed.  You know the animal that lives in hiding then runs out into the open a few paces before retreating to safety, repeating the process several times, progressing further each time until assured that it is safe to proceed.  That was me.  

It’s funny because I am a band-aid ripper by very nature.  Yes it’s going to hurt but you just have to get it over and done with.  But if I could avoid being in the position of needing the plaster in the first place, well it was base camp duvet for me.  How uninspiring!

I was where I was because I had conformed to a set of ideals that had been ingrained into me as being right, sensible and acceptable to society.  I had played it safe.  Please don’t misunderstand me, I loved an absolute load about my life. There were an immense amount of things I would not change.  Not because they were safe and comfortable (even though they are!) but because they were (and still are) the absolute most amazing things that inhabit my world.  But I knew I could be more.  Unless you’ve grabbed the life-bull by the horns and rode it for all it’s worth, then potentially you could be too?

New Beginnings

I fit myself into handy little boxes and 90% of them I was happy to be inside, but there were a few which I decided to flat pack down and send to the recycling bin.  For me, namely it was my career.  I hadn’t fitted in the box for a number of years and even if I had fit, I decided I wasn’t prepared to close the lid.

Welcome to Living Pretty, my big leap for 2018!

The result of me being so sick of telling my husband that I hated my job (probably as much as he got sick of hearing it).

I want to share how much fun and how great life can be if you focus on the good stuff.  Allow yourself to start living your life by doing the things that make you happy.  You can be, and do, and have anything that you want – you just have to have faith that you can.

I hope through this site, you will  feel inspired to put your ‘duvet days’ behind you too.

To find out more about me and Living Pretty Happy – please check out the About page

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Do you reside at base-camp duvet?  Or are you more let’s just go for it? Have you taken steps to pursue your dream?  Is there anything you would like to see included on Living Pretty Happy?  Whatever you’d like to say – I’d love to hear from!  Get in touch by leaving a comment in the box below.

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5 thoughts on “New Beginnings: Living Pretty Happy

  1. Wishing you all the very best and every happiness In in your new adventure Alex! Puts me in mind of the lady featured on countryfile this evening who found freedom from winter blues by walking in green spaces and finding beauty in nature the patterns of which she makes into pretty jewellery. Xxx Chris

  2. This looks great Alex, and I know you speak for loads of people in what you say. Why do we allow others to put us in boxes and then stay there afraid to come out? I broke the walls down of several of my boxes a few years ago, and at times it’s been scary but for the most part it’s been exhilarating learning to fly again…..

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