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I love writing about well-beingbeauty, wellnesstravel and great places to visit all from a positive well-being perspective.

All articles featured on Living.Pretty.Happy aim to provide you with…

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  • Escapism for a little while – or a long while – stay as long as you want, there is plenty to see here!
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  • A motivated fire under your bottom (or butt for my American friends)
  • A smile and hopefully the warm and fuzzies.  

The story behind Living.Pretty.Happy…

I started Living.Pretty.Happy in 2018, when I entered the period we can refer to as my mid-thirties crisis.  I had a happy home-life but when it came to my career, I was miserable!  So I decided it was time to do something about it and Living.Pretty.Happy is the result.  I would love you to read more about the beginnings of Living.Pretty.Happy in: New Beginnings

But I knew I could be more - unless you've grabbed the life bull by the horns and rode it for all it's worth, then potentially you could be too?-3

So who am I?

I’m a thirty-something woman married to a good man with whom I am blessed to share two awesome children (I’m allowed to say that I’m their mum).  I have English and Maltese blood running through my veins, which makes me a very polite person who has to suppress a constant urge to feed you.  

Up until a few years ago, I wasn’t particularly happy.  I believed life had dealt me an unfair share of low blows – a happy life was not my destiny.  However fate led to me to learn one key piece of knowledge:

Whilst I might not have been in control of the hand I had been dealt… I was in control of me.  I was allowed to be happy and I had everything I needed to be happy within me.

What did I do to become happier?

I started by switching my mindset from negative into a more positive one 

Find out more: The power of positivity – How thinking positively changed my life.

I looked at past traumas/bad experiences and worked out what I could learn and how I could actually grow from them

Find out more: Keeping Mum (Letting love endure after loss) and Identity Crisis: The importance of being you

I started to practice gratitude and mindfulness

Find out more: Being Mindful – Is mindfulness for you?

I invested in me (mentally, physically and financially)

And… I allowed myself to have some fun!

Find out more: Happy Travels

Whilst everyone’s path to feeling happy is unique, I’ll say it again as this message is universal:

You are allowed to be happy and you have the ability to be happy within you - livingprettyhappy.com - quote graphic

Does being happy mean your life will be perfect?

Nope! Happiness isn’t about perfection.  It’s about achieving balance in all areas of your overall well-being.  And I’m still learning…but I love to share with you all that I discover so that you too can achieve a happy balance within your lives.

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