5 Reasons to live your life with purpose

5 Benefits of having a purpose

Why do you need to live your life with purpose?  Perhaps you don’t, perhaps you’re perfectly happy without purpose? But perhaps if you ever catch yourself questioning why you do what you do and what it’s all for; or you feel there’s a life you were meant to live which doesn’t quite sync with the one you’re actually living, or you just don’t feel quite fulfilled – then having a purpose could resolve all that.  

Just in case you need a bit more convincing here are 5 benefits of having a purpose…

01. It makes you come alive.  

It makes you feel alive & builds confidence

Purpose is a reason to get out of bed every morning.  It motivates you, provides clarity, increases focus & ignites passion.  Maybe it will push you out of your comfort zone, potentially even scare you a bit – but it will make you feel alive.  

Having a purpose is the difference between making a living & making a life

Tom Thiss

02. Purpose builds confidence

Knowing what we want removes a ton of uncertainty about who we are & where we’re going.  Alright, you might not have achieved your want yet, but you’ll have a level of self-assuredness that will open doors for you.  

03. You’ll be more resilient

Building resilience through purpose

Failure is a part of life, it’s a part of what makes us human.  One thing I noticed in my previous career – when I wasn’t connected to my purpose – was that every time I hit a metaphorical road bump I’d want to jump out of the car.  When I realised that path wasn’t for me, I jotted down in my planner everything I wanted from a new career.  Aside from elements such as a better work/life balance, I wrote…to do something where even if I hit a road bump, I’ll still want to keep doing it.

This is what having purpose does, it builds resilience.  Yes there’ll be challenges, yes there’ll be big lessons learned along the way – but no matter how many times you get knocked down, you’ll want it too much not to get back up.

04.  Live long & prosper

Research has shown having a purpose can promote good health and longevity.  The data from ten studies involving 136,000 men & women revealed those with a higher sense of purpose were at lower risk of developing conditions such as coronary artery disease, strokes and heart attacks.

Having a purpose has been cited as a factor in increasing health & longevity

It was also determined in a 2014 study published in The Lancet, people over the age of 65 with a good sense of purpose were likely to live longer.   Plus according to neuropsychologist, Patricia A. Boyle, PhD  having a purpose can also “make your brain stronger and more resistant to the effects of diseases like Alzheimers. 

SOURCE: Purpose in life is good for your health [Everdayhealth.com]

Why? No one fully knows but perhaps when we believe our life has meaning, we naturally begin to take better care of ourselves.  

05. You’ll be happier

Purpose is one of 14 identified areas attributed to our well-being. When each of these areas are present – at a level we’re satisfied with – we’ll feel happier.  If like me, you believe well-being is the key to being happy, having a good sense of purpose will contribute to a happier state of mind.  

You'll be able to feel happier

Living true to your core values, feeling connected to your path, not sweating the small stuff, having clearer direction & a more positive mindset – these are just some of the happiness inducing byproducts of having a purpose.    

Time to start living life on purpose…

Speaking as someone who has uncovered and is now working aligned to her purpose I can confidently say I feel more connected to myself and the world I inhabit.  There is a peace to it all, a strengthened faith in the process, a certainty of the ground under my feet and the direction I’m headed.    

Whatever is coming, whatever form it takes, I’m ready.  In fact, I’m more than ready, I’m already doing it and it feels good.  Know the benefits are real, take the time to find your purpose, gain clarity through the fog, live a life true to you, live your life on purpose. 

Need some help finding your purpose?  Read: How to find your purpose

“It’s only when you understand your ‘why’ that you’ll be capable to pursue the things that give you fulfilment” 

Simon Sinek

5 Reasons to start living your life on purpose. What are the benefits for discovering your purpose? Why you should be living life on purpose right now? #purpose #lifegoals #livehappier #wellbeing #findingpurpose
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So what do you think? Did you realise the benefits? Have you experienced this for yourself? How are you coming along with discovering your own purpose? Whatever you’d like to say – or ask – just get in touch via the comment box below. I’m happy to help and I always love to hear from you!


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