How can clothes make you happy? Plus expert tips for more successful shopping

How can clothes make you happy? Plus expert tips for more successful shopping. Image of Happy young woman holding shopping bags while standing at the clothing store

How can our clothes make us happy you ask?

Well firstly, they stop us from being naked – unless that’s a negative for you?  I’m not judging.  

In all seriousness though, our clothes (and actions surrounding them) can actually make us feel happier.

Obviously, for a good proportion of us, a new outfit can make us feel amazing.  Especially if that outfit signals the arrival of an exciting event. 

Our clothes can help us feel better in a number of other ways too…


Our clothes play a significant part in projecting our identity.   Once I was the power-dressing, killer-heel wearing buyer for a retail company, now I’m the more laid-back, bold-print wearing mum & blogger who teams nearly everything with a pair of trainers.  As we evolve so do our wardrobes – the clothes help us to feel connected to who we are and what we do.

Plus there are so many slogan t-shirts, sweats etc available – it’s really easy to project our message out there and show the world what we stand for.

How can clothes make you happy? Plus expert tips for more successful shopping. Image of Alex Grace wearing a white t-shirt with the words feel good written on it
One of my favourite slogan t-shirts!


How positive do we feel when we receive a compliment about what we are wearing?  Assuming we’re able to accept it well, that is.  Here’s a tip…just smile & say thank you.

Receiving a compliment is not the be-all and end-all but it’s nice to know when our style is appreciated.  Come on let’s be honest, it raises our confidence levels!

For the greater good

Not a week goes by without me getting charity donation bags through the door.  But this is where your clothes can make you feel good in a different way – through the act of giving. 

Donation of our pre-loved clothes to help charities can make us feel pretty good about ourselves.  There will always be someone you can benefit just by the simple act of giving something you no longer need away.

We can also play a part in supporting small independent fashion retailers; help the environment and positively impact future generations by making good choices about where we shop. 

How can clothes make you happy? Plus expert tips for more successful shopping. Image of woman putting folded clothes into a box to donate to charity

Making memories

I know it may sound a bit bizarre to become sentimental over a jumper – but it’s true – clothes that have positive experiences linked to them bring us comfort.  I’ve kept the dress I was wearing when I met my husband and I have other items of clothes I never plan to wear again but keep because when I look at them they create a warm feeling inside. 

Top Tip: Search Pinterest for memory quilts – a nice idea to turn sentimental items of clothing into something practical to treasure.

Clear your wardrobe, clear your mind. 

Sorting out your wardrobe can have a positive effect on your sense of well-being too.   I don’t believe there are many of us who haven’t heard of Marie Kondo and her Konmari method of tidying up your home in order to make you feel happier.   Well, your wardrobe is definitely a great place to start! 

Basically, lose anything that doesn’t make you happy, or as Marie would say, bring you joy.  A good clear out can be very therapeutic.  In the end, you’re left calmer, clearer and with clothes you feel happy about.  You may even discover items you forgot you had – bonus!

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But what if you’ve lost your clothes mojo?

Colour & Style consultant, Jodie Woodruff can relate, “Following the birth of my third child, I began to feel like I had lost my way a little with my own wardrobe and started to lack confidence.  When attempting to shop I often felt extremely overwhelmed by all the clothes available in the shops or online and could make no sense of what my style was anymore.  This, coupled with a lack of spare time, meant I usually ended up panic buying the wrong clothes for me.” 

Jodie decided to book herself a colour & style session.  Think of them as your own personal Gok Wan experience.  Time is spent with a consultant determining what colours, cuts & styles work best for you, your personality and your lifestyle. 

How can clothes make you happy? Plus expert tips for more successful shopping
Which colours work best for you?

She now runs her own consultancy, JW Style Me.  “It’s  not about changing someone into something they’re not, but instead  focusing on their personality, colouring and lifestyle to discover the best version of themselves.’ 

And let’s be honest who wouldn’t be happy for an opportunity to minimise the amount of time & money lost on picking up the wrong clothes!  Calling in the experts can be a wise investment to regain confidence when it comes to learning to love styling ourselves again.  

Jodie’s expert tips for more successful shopping!  

01. Start at the back of the store, everyone will go for what has been placed at the front.  Be different and you’ll often find the real gems there.

02. Overwhelmed by shopping on the high street?  Start by ordering online or through a catalogue such as Next.  They have a fantastic range you can try on in the comfort of your own home.  Once you have a few items, it may give you the confidence to go to the shops.

03. Never go shopping at the end of the day.  You will feel tired, more bloated (this applies to everyone) and feel like nothing feels right.  Go in the morning, fresh and raring to go.

04. Don’t buy for the sake of it!  This is why the Colour & Style consultancy is such a good investment, you only purchase what is correct for you which saves you money. 

05. My biggest tip, never buy clothes that you see on someone else.  Just because you think it looks nice on them, does not necessarily mean it will look the same on you.  You are your own person, dress for you and your style!

Jodie is the Colour & Style Consultant at JW Style me.  If you would like to learn more about the online personal consultations she offers, you can here

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How do your clothes make you feel? Do you enjoy shopping for new clothes or find it a daunting experience?  Do you look at your wardrobe & despite it bulging at the seems, feel like you have nothing to wear?  Do you have any tips to share?  Are you due a declutter?  Have you used to the Konmari folding method for your clothes – how did you get on?  Whatever you’d like to say, I’d love you to get in touch – just leave a comment in the box below! 

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11 thoughts on “How can clothes make you happy? Plus expert tips for more successful shopping

  1. I love Jodie’s tips – especially starting at the back of the store – I wouldn’t have thought of that one. Great advice as always Alex – I’ve recently treated myself to some new clobber from TKMaxx and I’m looking forward to wearing!

    1. They’re great aren’t they Lauretta – I had never thought of the back of the store one either! Hope you had fun shopping for all your new clothes! x

  2. I love this article as it gives practical strategies about clothes and their use. Thanks, Alex.

  3. Love this post and it is so true! I do usually look a tiny bit in the middle and then go to the back! I have been trying to wear more bright colors because they do make you feel more alive! Funny thing – once I have worn something to a wake or funeral service, they become my “funeral clothes” and I can never wear them anywhere else again.

    1. Oh my goodness – I have exactly the same thing ‘funeral clothes’. My gran once went to a funeral where they requested you didn’t wear black. She wore green and from that moment she never wanted anything with green on in her wardrobe again! Thanks for reading Sandy x

  4. Wearing a nice outfit can literally make your day. And if you are really feeling your outfit and someone decides to COMPLIMENT that outfit….girl im on another level then haha ego skyrocketing at that point

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