The beauty of a beauty box and how to know which beauty box is for you

The beauty of a beauty box (and how to pick the right one for you)

Since beauty boxes first launched many moons ago, they have progressed from a potential passing craze into an accepted and (in some cases) staple part of the beauty product buying routine.  With an increasing number of beauty retailers/industry bigwigs introducing their own mini beauty product treasure troves to market, we as consumers are now spoilt for choice.

Before we explore which beauty box is right for you, let’s understand a bit more about beauty boxes…

What exactly is a beauty box?

A beauty box is a neatly packaged box usually containing around 5 or 6 items of the latest cosmetics, toiletries and beauty tools.  Ranging from travel-size samples to full-size products, delivered directly to you for you to try.

And if your next question is – what’s so great about them?  Allow me to enlighten you:

– They can shake up your beauty bag! –

It’s really easy to find yourself stuck in a product rut, sticking with the same products but too nervous or busy to invest money and time into finding new ones.  Your monthly box introduces you to new products you might never have considered trying but could actually turn out to be your next beauty heroes.  Serums, eye masks, contouring brushes, highlighters – you could be about to discover something great that you might not necessarily know you needed. At the very least, you’ve got some great compact products to place in your handbag or hoard for your holidays.

– Low commitment –

How many times have you splashed the cash on a full-priced new product just to come away disappointed?  For around £10-£12 per box (excluding delivery), it’s a low cost way to try before you buy.  Helping you save your money to purchase only the products you  know work for you.   Not forgetting to mention that the value of the contents of the boxes always add up to more than the amount you pay.  Some boxes include full-size products too – which make them a steal.  Although some are offered on a subscription basis, most allow you to easily cancel your subscription at any time.

– The fun factor –

Personally, I love it when my new beauty box is delivered.  I find it so exciting to discover what’s inside.  It’s a little monthly surprise beauty present to yourself.  I’m signed up to Birchbox – the designs on their boxes alone are a treat.

– Further discounts –

Some boxes offer you discounts for purchasing the full size version of a product that you’ve tried and liked.  Mine offers a 10% discount going up to 15% when you’ve received your 6th box.

– Convenient –

Delivered direct to your door – no trawling of counters or multiple stores to discover new products – allowing you more time to have fun testing your new products out.

– Brand Introductions –

You’re probably aware of the high-street names, but what about the ultra-fab cult and new emerging brands that your path wouldn’t ordinarily cross.  Be ready to make some new beauty BFF’s, whilst still having access to the high-street heavyweights.

So you know why they’re good but how do you know which beauty box is for you?

– Cost, Commitment & Collaborations –

Spend some time researching the 3 C’s on the various beauty box websites. How much does it cost? What is the subscription commitment? Who do they collaborate with?  You can answer the collaboration question by viewing past boxes and looking at the brands they associate with.  Additionally, read reviews from other subscribers, focusing on their comments surrounding quality, reliability and how well they feel the products match their beauty requirements.

– Profile –

Skincare is so personal to the individual.  A good scheme will require you to fill out a customer profile so  (as much as possible) the products in your box will be matched to you.

– 3 strikes and you’re out –

Even if you think you’ve figured out which beauty box is for you, it’s unlikely you’re going to like every single product in every single box they send you.  If you get 5 products in a box and you’re excited by 3 to 4 of them, then it looks like you’ve made a good beauty box match.  However, if you feel your profile isn’t being reflected in the products you’re receiving, it’s probably time to move on.  I remember feeling deflated by the first ever Glossybox I received, I felt none of the products were for me.  However, the 2nd and 3rd boxes included far more products I felt happy with.  Try to give the company 3 chances to prove their offer to you.  If by the 3rd box you’re still not, declare yourself out.

Good to know:

The value boxes:

Birchbox, Glossybox and Look Fantastic offer a monthly box for no more than £15 per month including delivery.  Do not read ‘value’ as being lower quality, they all include great products and brands.

The full-sized box:

Look Incredible delivers a box of 5 full-sized products for £25.

The premium boxes:

Recommended for once you’ve popped your beauty box cherry are the luxe beauty box offerings from Cohorted and Powder

The sensitive skin box:

The Lovelula beauty box offers products more suitable to sensitive skin types.

The something extra box:

Pink Parcel unites periods with pampering incorporating fem care with beauty boxes.

The pick your own boxes:

If you want to have control over what’s included in your box then Latest in Beauty and Love me Beauty are most likely the boxes for you.

Top tip: follow the social media accounts of any box your interested in.  I often see discount offers on boxes which is great for your trial run.  Alternatively, if you know of anyone already subscribed ask them if they have a code they can share.  Both  of you may benefit from a ‘recommend a friend’ sign-up offer.

Happy beauty boxing!

Discover some of my ultimate beauty box products:

If you’re new to beauty boxes, I hope this helps you to uncover which beauty box is best for you.  If you’re not new to them, do you love a beauty box as much as I do? Do you know of any other great beauty boxes that I haven’t mentioned here?  I’m always on the look out! I’d love to hear from you, just comment below.

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    1. Thanks so much! Glad you found it helpful. I’m waiting for Powder to release another NARS box they’re sold out at the moment. Happy beauty boxing!

    2. FACETREASURES is a great subscription that’s very transparent and affordable plus you have 4 different ones to pic from.
      If u love beauty & skincare than facetreasures & boxycharm both have 5 star reviews and are the best in my opinion and I get alot of boxes.

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