Understanding CBD: A Helpful Buyer’s Guide

Stressed, aching & fed-up – 3 words my friend Claire used to describe her feelings recently. Obviously, my heart went out to her; no one ever wants to feel that way.  So we discussed what might help.  That’s when Claire mentioned she was considering using CBD.  

In the last few years, there’s been a rapidly growing trend of CBD use to boost wellness.  With lots of supposed health benefits – and a wealth of powerful success stories out there, it’s no surprise adults are increasingly trying it.  

However, as we sat and discussed it further, it became apparent neither Claire nor I had any actual knowledge of CBD or its usage.  A quick Google search of CBD left us even more confused – in short, this whole CBD thing is pretty overwhelming.  Don’t even get me started on trying to buy CBD oil on Amazon! 

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But with so many people currently singing CBD’s praises, it felt necessary to get to the bottom of it all.  Thankfully, with the help of Savage Cabbage* I’ve been educating myself on CBD.  And, realising that Claire & I can’t be the only ones who’ve found it a buyer’s minefield, I’m sharing everything I’ve learnt here for you now…

*Savage Cabbage with their extensive CBD knowledge, have been trusted providers of quality hemp, health & wellness since 2016.  As well as being the official UK distributors of North America’s best-selling and most-trusted CBD oil – Charlotte’s Web – Savage Cabbage pride themselves in taking a human-centric approach to support you on your self-care journey. 

Understanding CBD: A Helpful Buyer’s Guide

Understanding CBD with Savage Cabbage Hemp Oil

What is CBD? 

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a naturally occurring compound (cannabinoid) found in hemp & cannabis plants.  

Is CBD the same as a cannabis joint, and will I become addicted?  

No & no.  From a botanical standpoint, hemp & cannabis are the same things, but that is where the similarity ends.  To equal the same potency as that found in a cannabis joint, hemp would need to contain a high level of another naturally occurring compound (cannabinoid): THC.  It’s THC that causes the high.  Hemp has higher levels of CBD and only trace levels of THC – whereas the opposite is the case for cannabis.  

CBD oils within the UK must contain less than 0.2% THC, which is so low that you won’t become addicted or high.  In the UK, CBD sells as a health/food supplement and is only taken for the wellness benefits associated with it.  

Why would I take CBD?

There are plenty of ways in which CBD can potentially help.  As it’s still very much in its infancy, more benefits are still coming to light, but here are the generally recognised areas in which it can provide support:

Stress reduction: CBD can have a stress-relieving effect.  Many use it before a big event to help with nerves or even just to get them through the daily grind.

Pain support: Users have reported a reduction of pain.  Research suggests that CBD can help reduce inflammation and may even be helpful in the treatment of chronic conditions such as IBS.  Additionally, CBD may help your body recover after a workout.  

Relaxation: As well as being reported to be particularly helpful for easing you off into a peaceful night’s sleep, CBD may help you unwind and feel much calmer.  

How does CBD work?

When we’re ingesting anything, I think it’s beneficial to understand what’s happening to us inside.  As I’ve never been a biologist, I’m explaining it in as simple terms as possible…

All of us humans have an internal nervous system known as our ECS (Endocannabinoid System).  Our ECS supports a range of physiological processes that occur within us.  Now, in order to maintain a healthy internal balance, our body produces endocannabinoids.  These endocannabinoids interact with and support our ECS, keeping it doing an excellent job for us.  

However, suppose our body isn’t getting the correct supply of these naturally produced endocannabinoids.  In that case, we can easily fall out of whack – it’s akin to when we become deficient in vitamins & minerals.  That’s where taking a plant-derived cannabinoid ( a phytocannabinoid aka CBD) can help to restore balance & harmony to our ECS.  

Choosing Your CBD

two types of CBD product, Gummies and CBD oil

You’d think with all this newfound understanding, choosing a CBD product would be a cinch, right?  It wasn’t.  As I said earlier, a little CBD search on Amazon churned up a wealth of products and left us completely overwhelmed.  There are SO many.  And not just on Amazon, advertising for CBD is increasingly being plastered across the high street.  Maybe it’s just me, but I see CBD everywhere!

Where do we start?  

CBD Quality

Research led me to understand that all CBD products are not created equal.  I don’t think it’s a shock to say there are many mass-produced, lower quality products out there, which are best to avoid (CBD derived from hemp seeds is a prime example).

Given the nature of the product, you first want to ensure you’re buying from a reputable brand.  Hemp products need to be responsibly grown and produced according to quality standards that ensure a clean & effective product.  

Savage Cabbage have shared a checklist to help you gain confidence in the CBD brand you select:

Savage Cabbage Consumer Confidence Checklist

Good to Know: With their rigorous commitment to quality & testing standards, Savage Cabbage can confidently meet all the requirements of the above.  

I’ve selected my CBD brand. What type of product should I buy? 

There are generally four types of CBD products to choose from oil, gummies, capsules & topicals.  Whilst the product they contain may be the same, the way they work is quite different.

CBD Oil: CBD oil contains hemp extract and a carrier oil.  Generally supplied as a tincture, you simply dispense your required amount under your tongue, hold for around 30 seconds to 1 minute before swallowing.  The oil allows you to build up over time to find the perfect dosage (or, as Savage Cabbage calls it, ‘sweet spot’) for you.  CBD oil is generally the most effective type of CBD product.  

Gummies:  A chewable flavoured ‘sweet’ taken usually once per day.  They have a fixed dosage per unit.  The effectiveness of gummies is lower compared to oils; however, they are convenient, and the flavour is generally more appealing than CBD oil.  

Capsules: Like taking a vitamin pill, these have zero flavour as you swallow them whole and have a fixed dosage per unit.  Capsules are particularly convenient when you’re on the go.  They fit easily into your daily wellness routine.  

Topical: These are typically creams or balms used for topical application to places on your body where you require support.  For example, if I hurt my knee running, I would apply the product directly to my knee.  This means the CBD only treats the area you apply it to; it does not enter your bloodstream.  Topical CBD’s are an excellent option for anyone feeling uncomfortable with consuming CBD products daily. 

Charlottes Web CBD gummies are available in UK
Unlike some CBD gummies, these are sugar-free, gluten-free, organic & vegan-friendly.

The CBD Spectrum …

Just like sunscreen, CBD products offer different levels of effectiveness. This is an important consideration when selecting your product.   

Full Spectrum: Closest to the plant in its natural form. As well as including a wide range of cannabinoids, it also contains a variety of essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, protein, chlorophyll, terpenes and flavonoids, plus THC.  Widely regarded as the most effective because all the components of full-spectrum CBD work together well to create greater efficacy.  

Broad Spectrum: Containing everything mentioned above, apart from the THC.  The absence of THC does limit the effect but is a good choice for anyone who is drug tested regularly and cannot consume even a tiny amount of THC.

Isolate: This is nothing but 100% CBD.  Isolate CBD is widely available and popular due to its lower cost but doesn’t offer full or broad-spectrum CBD benefits.  

Good to Know: Savage Cabbage are committed to offering a curated range of all-natural, whole-plant, full-spectrum hemp and CBD products. They purposefully keep their product range small to ensure the quality and integrity of each batch they produce.  

Before you try, it’s always best to ask!

Before you start taking CBD, it’s always advisable to speak with your GP, especially if you’re unsure, pregnant, breastfeeding or have a prior medical condition.  

Gaining expert advice is a great idea to ensure the product you select is right for you.  That’s what’s fantastic about Savage Cabbage; they provide industry-leading customer care.  They take the time to understand your individual needs before guiding you in your product selection, as well as supporting you during the early days of your CBD routine!

Using CBD to support your wellness

More and more adults are discovering the positive effects CBD products have in supporting their lifestyles.  Whilst potentially overwhelming at first, taking the time to understand CBD more fully, the products on offer, and what works best for you allows you to take a more confident first step in using botanicals to boost your wellness.  

Jade Proudman Founder of Savage Cabbage

Since founding the company in 2016, Jade has worked tirelessly as an industry advocate across UK and Europe to raise awareness, educate and support patients and customers from over 44 countries around the world. The company is official partners with Charlotte’s Web, the World’s Most Trusted Hemp Extract.

As a patient with a multitude of health issues since her teenage years, Jade’s life was transformed by Charlotte’s Web full-spectrum CBD oil, which allowed her to regain her quality of life and wean off the majority of her prescription medicines in just 30 days. Since then, she has set out on a mission to support others on their own health and wellness journeys through high-quality CBD products. A strong proponent of the benefits of naturally derived products, Jade champions exemplary customer care services in supporting people to navigate their self-care journey through botanicals like whole-plant hemp extracts containing CBD.

Jade works with various stakeholders and policymakers across the UK & EU to drive a more progressive regulatory framework on hemp products and other cannabinoid products. She also holds a Masters Degree in Education and Pedagogy, having had a 15-year career in social care, driven by her desire to support and improve the standards of care for those most vulnerable.

Find out more about Savage Cabbage here.

Understanding CBD Oil, your essential guide to all things CBD with expert input into making the right choice for you, plus the potential wellness benefits using CBD has to offer
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I hope you found this guide to understanding CBD helpful! Do you currently use CBD? What has your experience been? Is CBD something you would consider using? Whatever you’d like to say – or ask – please do! Just leave me a comment in the box below. I’m happy to help and I always love to hear from you.

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