5 ways to maintain your wellness this Autumn.

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Ahh Autumn! Get ready to snuggle up in a chunky knit & reacquaint yourself with the heating dial.

It’s the time of year where we often start to take our foot off the accelerator.  As the nights draw in, so do we.  And whilst it can be great to turn the dial to slow for a while, we do run the risk of turning it all the way to dormant, which isn’t great when it comes to our overall wellness.  

You see now is the perfect time to prepare our bodies & minds for the colder months ahead.  Adopting some simple lifestyle habits will help keep you feeling well throughout autumn and beyond! 

Here are 5 ways to maintain your wellness in Autumn…

01. Exercise 

Maintaining your exercise routine is especially crucial during the autumn months
Kick up the Autumn leaves & keep active

Here she goes again with the exercise!  OK, I hear you, but hear me out – maintaining some form of physical exercise throughout the colder months is actually even more beneficial for you than during the warmer times of year.  Why?  It’s been claimed exercising in the cold helps to burn fat quicker!  

Add this to the fact that exercise strengthens your immune system, helping to fight off bacterial and viral infections and it’s kind of a no-brainer as to why we should keep up the habit during autumn and into winter.  

If braving the cold really isn’t your thing, consider switching up what you do.  Start using the gym or join a local exercise class.  Make your home your gym, use YouTube workouts or download apps such as 5-minute workout.  Anything that gets you moving is going to help!  

Want to exercise without really trying? Read this! 

02. Be Kind To Your Mind

These are the months where self-care really can – and should – take on a life of it’s own!  The shorter days can really play with our emotional well-being.  We often isolate ourselves more, have less motivation for many things & our moods can reach a low.  

To help maintain your wellness during autumn, make a habit to install at least 10-minutes of self-care each day.  I’ve included some ideas in the downloadable infographic below. 

Self-Care Ideas for when you're short on time. Simple, inexpensive ideas to install a daily self-care habit into your lifestyle. #selfcare #selfcareideas #wellbeing
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Finally, why not try meditation?  I practice mindfulness meditation, which I personally find helps to reduce my anxieties.  You could also build your own wellness toolbox, which I’ve talked about more here.  

03. Sleep

Never at any other time of the year does nature signal to you the opportunity to get in some good quality sleep.  The darker nights are a help to create the perfect sleeping conditions.  

Sleep, just like exercise, helps to keep us healthy, raise our energy levels & increase our focus.  Plus it balances out the hormones that control our appetites – something that often goes into overdrive around this time of year! 

Autumn is the perfect time to ensure you're getting enough good quality sleep
Time to get some quality Zzzz’s in!

I’ve shared all my top tips for getting a better night’s sleep in How to Win at Sleeping (& Why You Should Want To)

04. Take Supplements

When the sun is shining, you’re in prime position to soak up lots of wonderful Vitamin D, but as autumn appears our exposure to it starts to dwindle. Vitamin D is the vitamin that supports the health of your immune, brain & nervous system – so ultra important going into the colder months.  

I take a daily vitamin D spray – the spray form aids better absorption and is great for taking when out and about. 

Also look into a good daily multi-vitamin, to make sure you’re covering all the bases.  Just ensure you use supplements in conjunction with a balanced diet.  

I do want to point out I’m not a health-care practitioner or a nutritionist, so I’m not advising what you should take here, but I am suggesting you look into relevant supplements to help you maintain wellness this autumn.

Cosy times at home on cold days but make sure you're supplementing in order to maintain wellness this Autumn
It’s great to rest at home but we need to make sure we’re supplementing ourselves

05. Hydrate

Hydration is far more apparent to us in the warmer months when we actively notice thirst more.  But we shouldn’t lose sight of the importance of hydration & its ability to help maintain wellness in Autumn.  

Mild dehydration can cause us to feel tired which isn’t ideal if we’re already feeling de-motivated.  It can make us think we’re hungry – when we’re actually thirsty – not great for comfort eating season.  And can also affect our skin making it drier – which we’ll already being experiencing dryness of due to the time of year.  

It’s tricky because the lure of a hot (often caffienated) drink is very apparent at this point of the year – our natural desire to drink water will be lower.  However, we should still make it a priority to stay hydrated.

Top Tip: Work at a desk?  Keep a jug of water with you and top up a glass throughout the day.  Having a jug eliminates the need to physically go and get some water and is a constant reminder of your need to hydrate.

Plus please don’t shoot the messenger – I know how a lot of you feel about de-caff, but it is a sound option to lower the amount of de-hydrating caffeine you intake during the day.  

Maintaining wellness in Autumn and beyond

Cultivating happiness by maintaining your wellness this autumn

Although it may feel a chore at times, mastering these simple steps now will make maintaining these worthwhile habits throughout the year far more likely! 

Wishing you a happy & healthy Autumn! 

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5 Ways to maintain your wellness this Autumn. Wellness tips & advice to help you maintain wellness this Autumn. #wellness #autumnwellness #winterblues #wellbeing #lifehacks
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How does Autumn make you feel? Are you generally happy when it rolls around – excited for the holidays ahead – or do you struggle with the colder & shorter days? Do you have any top tips to share to help us all feel happier in the months ahead? How will you maintain wellness this Autumn? Whatever you’d like to say (or ask!) please do! Just leave a comment in the box below.


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  1. Self-care, sleep, supplements, hydrate – I’ll definitely do that. Do I really need to exercise? Haha… I think I better download that 5-minute workout app. Great tips. Alice. Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome! But remember anything that gets your heart rate up is classed as exercise so a nice walk is great! x

    1. Especially if you do the type of work where you get really engrossed & the time just passes without you realising. Thanks Lauretta, have a lovely Autumn xx

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