10 Body Positive Affirmations to help you love the skin you’re in

10 Body Positivity Affirmations to help you love the skin you're in

For so many years I was very self-critical of my physical appearance.  Putting myself through the craziest of diets and ‘toning’ treatments and non-sustainable exercise routines.  Sadly, I felt the size displayed on the label of my clothes defined me, and my comparison standards were not even of my peers but of airbrushed models in […]

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How to truly love yourself (in a non-self-centred way)

I love me!

How to truly love yourself!  Sounds a bit self-centred, doesn’t it?  It makes me picture myself standing on a table in a middle of a crowded room shouting ‘I love myself’ and receiving the response ‘Wow what an ego, how did she fit her head through the door’ before the crowd erupts into laughter and […]

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Embracing makeup-free days

Embracing makeup-free days - Is it time to ditch the makeup?

If you had told me just a few short months ago I’d be writing about how I’m embracing makeup-free days well, you’d have been met with a lot of laughter (and possibly a few expletives) but blow me down with a feathered makeup brush, that’s exactly what I’m doing!  Let me tell you a little […]

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Facing a fear: a lesson in self-acceptance.

high trees & sunshine

This year I faced one of my biggest fears… heights. We were on a family holiday & had booked the kids on to one of those tree-top aerial adventures.  My husband had been due to complete this with them, but rather inconveniently for me (maybe not so much for him) he’d hurt his ankle beforehand […]

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October Well-being Focus: Self-Acceptance

This October we are focusing on self-acceptance

Crack out the pumpkins, it’s October – Time for a new well-being focus! Perhaps apt for what many agree is the spookiest month of the year, we’re focusing on an area of our well-being people often find the scariest. Having started the work to increase our self-awareness, we now need to take that understanding of ourselves, of […]

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