How can affirmations help you? (& how to make sure they do)

Affirmations: How do they can help you (& how to make sure they do)

“You are worth more than this” a short statement which held so much power for an acquaintance of mine whilst they were experiencing a period of obsessive behaviour.   For them, those six little words were enough to shift their mindset when the behaviour occurred.  

Positive, affirmative statements – commonly referred to as affirmations – repeated quietly in our own minds (or declared aloud) can have the ability to override negative thinking and bring us to more desired outcomes.  

Positive affirming statements can help you shift your mindset

How many times have you had what I refer to as a snowball day?

Maybe you wake up in a bad mood, or something goes wrong (or both!) then, just like a small snowball rolling down a snow-covered hill gaining momentum and size – so too does the awfulness of your day.  

The good news?  It’s relatively easy to stop a snowball in its tracks, especially if you quash it early enough.  And in the same vein, you have the potential to stop a bad day in its tracks by adjusting your mindset.   

Using affirmations can help you with this…

Think of it this way,  it’s taking back control.  Let’s call it strategic re-focusing. 

If you’re thinking ‘Oh crap I’ve got to see Linda today, she’s so toxic.  This meeting will be a disaster as well as an unhelpful distraction from the many other things I need to do. Today will be a complete write-off.’  Pausing this thought process and overriding your thoughts by using affirming positive statements (such as the following) can help: 

Using affirmations to positively shift your mindset, such as these examples

Whilst you still might not like Linda, (sorry Linda!) the negative hold the situation has on you is lessened.  Side note:  If you really don’t like Linda, and there isn’t a very good reason why you have to meet Linda, don’t do it! (again, sorry Linda.)  

Yes, for me affirmations are a positive nudge in a better direction.  

Which is why I publish them every Monday morning across each of my social media channels.  I am an advocate of starting each week on a good note.  

Ready to try using affirmations for yourself?  

Here are a few good practices I recommend adopting to heighten their effect on you…

Successfully make your affirmations work for you and you'll be one very happy person!

– Say them often & mindfully

Just as doing something repeatedly over time forms a habit, repeating affirmations regularly programs the mind to accept what you’re telling yourself.   Know your words have energy, so be mindful of the ones you’re saying, really allow them in.  If possible take a couple of deep, reflective & energising breaths between each statement. 

– Address the internal self-doubt 

For affirmations to work, your mind has to accept what you’re saying. If something is deep-rooted within you and is proving a barrier to belief, it’s really important to address it. 

How you address it is completely dependent on what the negative belief is & the root cause of it. Some smaller issues you may be able to address through simple lifestyle changes or talking it through with someone you trust. But if like me your issues are rooted from trauma then you should consider seeking out professional help in order to work through it.

The important thing is not to ignore issues that prohibit you to fester unaddressed.  Clearing out the closet so to speak, allows you to accept the positive statements more readily.  

– Use affirmations that are personal & adaptable

Affirmations have to resonate with you.  Their purpose is to uplift & motivate.  What you need to tell yourself one day might not be what you need to tell yourself the next.  And what Sue in accounts might find helpful might not be what you need to hear.  Sue may be wonderful, but she’s not you, after all!  So by all means, have a good old Google search of what’s out there already, but be prepared to adapt them to truly meet your needs.  

– Act in accordance with them

Take appropriate action

When you announce at work, ‘I’m going home now’  It’s usually followed by you grabbing your coat and exiting the building.  Aligned action follows the statement, that’s how it works.  The same can be said when using affirmations.  It’s pointless saying ‘I’m empowered & respect my body’ if your follow up action is neither empowering or respecting of your body.  Say it, feel it, act on it.  

Let’s hear it for positive self-talk…

Using positive, relatable affirmations regularly can help to move your mindset & internal beliefs to a far more productive place.  They’ll be particularly helpful in supporting you as you steer your course towards fulfilling your purpose.

So go on, give affirmations a chance – a good chance – they’re minimum effort, completely free and could easily turn out to be one of the most positive habits you’ll ever adopt.  

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Do you use affirmations? What has your experience been? Do you write your own or source them elsewhere? Or have you never tried them before? Do you have any further tips to share? Or any questions to ask – I’m happy to help! Whatever you’d like to say get in touch via the comment box below, I always love to hear from you!

P.S. Louise Hay.Com offers daily affirmations if you’re looking for some inspiration.


13 thoughts on “How can affirmations help you? (& how to make sure they do)

  1. I use the odd affirmations. I don’t change them each week, it’s more they last me a good few months, or more. I will have those on display, which is currently a whiteboard that holds my vision board and gratitude wall on.
    Although I have two particular ones for me, (one you gave me) I may read some others from time to time, that I can resonate with.

    1. That’s fantastic Liz, and I love that you use them in conjuntion with a vision board & gratitude wall – affirmations paired with visualisation is very powerful (I’ll be posting about vision boards very soon). Also pleased to hear that affirmation I mentioned is working x

      1. Yes, it’s another affirmination that works well for me thank you.
        I look forward to reading your post on visiin boards.

  2. Love this – the power of positivity is a very real thing and something I need to incorporate on a daily basis. xo

  3. I didn’t use affirmations until quite recently but I understand the impact that they can have on the day so I’ve now incorporated them into a morning routine. I felt a bit silly saying them out loud at first so said them in my head – does it matter if you don’t say them out loud Alex?

    1. That’s great you’ve made them part of your morning routine. It’s fine to say them in your head, as long as you’re saying them. The idea behind saying them out loud is you’re not only thinking it but also speaking it & hearing it, which makes it more impactful x

  4. I don’t find I use affirmations everyday however in times of consistent mental struggle I will and they do really help. I’ve tried to start my day with a relevant affirmation. Before I even get out of bed I will repeat it to myself to start my day off in a positive way!

    1. Before you even get out of bed is a great time to say them – you’re stating positive intent right from the start – this is the time that I also visualise the day ahead and feel gratitude. I’m so pleased to hear you find affirmations helpful when you need them most. Thanks for sharing x

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