Moments: Be defined by your actions not your circumstances.

Moments: Be defined by your actions not your circumstances

Picture this: you wake up in the morning full of good intentions for the day.  You’re going about your business as planned and then the universe/God/a unicorn/whatever you believe in decides to place a nice hurdle in your way.  You stop in your tracks and that’s when it’s decision time – turn back or jump over.

Today I faced a hurdle.  The intention had been to spend all day working, I was going to get really ahead – a powerhouse of productivity, that is until I spilt water on my laptop.  And then everything went black (on the laptop I mean, I didn’t pass out or anything).  With the laptop propped up like a tent ready for a mandatory 48 hours of drying out and praying, I could have easily given up for the day, but I was not ready to be beaten.  Long story short (and after being given at least 3 additional hurdles to jump over), I got my work done.

In the perspective of the world, this was a really minor hurdle.  Sometimes the hurdle placed in front of us feels so big we require climbing gear to hurl ourselves over it.  Regardless of the size, you are being presented with a choice – be defined by your actions or by your circumstances.  Choosing to be defined by your actions will lead you to achieving your goals, but to get there (and in the words of my favourite new thought author, Jen Sincero)  ‘You have to want your dreams more than your drama’.  The next time life places an obstacle between you and your goal, lace up your climbing boots, strap on your harness and work out a way to get over it, as it’s far more rewarding on the other side.

ps – If anyone knows how to fix an ASUS Chromebook please get in touch.  

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