Moments: Winning the internal fight

Moments: Winning the internal fight

Every fibre in my body did not want me to go for a run today.  I haven’t for 3 weeks now and have felt the negative effects.  I internally argued with myself.  I came up with so many reasons as to why it was best that I shouldn’t, despite the fact I knew if I could I would benefit so much.  I dug deep, ignored the part of me screaming NO, got the running gear on and hit the pavement.  I compromised with myself and allowed a shorter run – let’s call it a gentle re-introduction.  But I did it and I felt pretty amazing.

I don’t understand how or why I can hold myself back so much, when ultimately this is one of the most beneficial things I can do for me.   Let’s look at it this way, the only person you have 100% control over is yourself – so why do we allow ourselves to block ourselves from being the best that we can be?

If there is something that you’ve been contemplating for a while and it’s only you holding yourself back – how about you make right now the moment to stop procrastinating and just get on with it!  We can’t get where we want to be unless we start moving in the right direction.


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